translation services available!

Please share this information far and wide
translation services available!
English/Chinese/Korean/Portuguese/Spanish [FREE]
Over-the-phone Translation Service Available
TEL: 05058147230-
9am-6pm(all 5 languages)
Bricks Corp. Inc.

*For non-Japanese speakers when a Japanese speaker next to them.

英语/中文/韩语/葡萄牙语/西班牙语 我们开始提供灾难免费电话翻译服务。 05058147230->9:00-18:00/全语言 18:00-9:00/英中韓対応 株式会社 BRICKS

영·중·한·폴·스페 재해 무료 전화 통역 서비스를 개시했습니다
05058147230->9: 00-18: 00/전언어18:00-9: 00/영중한 대응
(주) 브릭스
※일본인이 곁에 있는 상태에서 전화 전달로 통화하는 전화 통역 서비스입니다.

Ing, Cn, Kor, Port, Esp Serviço Grátis de Intérprete
05058147230->9:00-18:00/Todos os idiomas 18:00-9:00/ Ing, Cn, e Kor
Brick’s Corp
*Para quem pode se revesar ao tel


  1. Oh' that was cool! My friend is looking for a translation services. I will show this post to her. Thanks for sharing.



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