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Ten Things for the Holidays Ten Things

An interesting article from the December 16, 2009 issue of The Nation on
things you can do to make a difference.
CONCEIVED by WALTER MOSLEY with research by Rae Gomes

Have an idea for 10 things? Let them know => Readers who wish to propose ideas for "Ten Things" should e-mail us at

Holiday giving guide on Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is a useful resource. An independent charity evaluator in the USA, they aim to promote a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace. By evaluating the financial status of 5,400+ of America's largest charities Charity Navigator helps gives donors access to info they can use for deciding where and how to give.

They have 6 useful tips for anyone thinking a bit about how and who to give to at this holiday time.

Seek out charities with capable leaders that are reasonably paid:Look for financially strong charities:Investigate the charity’s outcomes: Check for evidence of questionable ethical practices: Consider gifts to human services charities:
Trust your charity: besides explaining these points in more details they also offer resources for getting more information. no one wants to see their contributions go to waste!

2010 workshop series

Besides my TUJ (NGO mgt, Japansese nonprofit sector) and Tsuda (project mgt) workshops, I will be doing 4 workshops Jan-April 2010.
Most likely one Saturday each month - getting the space thing worked out.
1. making a new year's resolution: get involved this year!
(a new version of 2007's "Volunteer in Japan? Yes you can!")
2. fundraising events and volunteer mgt
3. why advocacy matters
4. educating the public is as important as our programming

What youth are doing: Free the children

On Dec 11 i went to a presentation that really moved me. To hear about 12year old kids starting a group to help other kids half way around the world who are victims of poverty and abuse and to hear how after 15 years of work they are doing was amazing. but maybe it is the passion of craig kielburger that was most inspiring. or just seeing all the kids in the audience wanting to do something!

Kids can do something to make a difference! Yes they can!
Free the children Japan
Slogan: children helping children through education
many poor children working as slaves in factories and farms all over the world
poverty cycle continues, kids can’t go to school
international projects, => adopt a village program, have brought over 500 schools and water projects to communities around the world.

Children take action to improve the lives of fellow children overseas.
Involving 10,000s of youth in the US, Japan and Canada.
Started by 12year old kids in Toronto in 1994
Children ta…

Dec 10 Step house article and a pic of us


Dec 10 Bonenkai presentation in E & J

these are not the same but similar talks.

Outline in English
On TV we see homeless men looking for work, men looking for shelter. But these are not places for women, places where there are only men. And its riskier for women to sleep outside, to be homeless. If they do it is likely that something tragic will happen.

Step House helps not only homeless women, but also women who are physically abused as long as they are over age 15.
Step house has only 18 rooms, and is almost always full. There some shelters that provide temporary shelter but women need more than that. At Step House women get support while getting medical treatment, while they are going through trial, assistance with getting a restraining order. They can stay with us while they get treatment for mental illnesses, get their lives back and are able to get back to work.
Let me share one story about a woman who came to us the other day. She lost her job, she can not pay for her apt anymore, shes already 2 or 3 months behind in pa…

Women's hotline - updates

Did you know this past week was a week to raise awareness about abuse?

The websites highlight domestic violence and stalkers abut about wage equity, sexism and other actual women's rights?
Nov 15- Nov 21, Daily 8:30am-7:00pm
TEL: 0570-070-810

It just seems sad that this gets attention only get one week a year! Get more information about local numbers to call:

Here is a chart with what women called about l

Equality Now Women’s Action 33.1:Rape simulation games

This had disturbed me for a while ... so see the links for details but here are some bit of the action and info for taking action: from Women’s Action 33.1, May 2009–Japan: Rape simulator games and the normalization of sexual violenceThe aim of the RapeLay game is for the player to repeatedly rape the mother and her daughters until they begin to “enjoy” the experience.Japan ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1985 and was last examined on its report in 2003 by the CEDAW Committee, which reviews government compliance with CEDAW. While in its report the Japanese government recognized that “violence from husbands or partners, sexual crimes, prostitution, sexual harassment and stalking behaviour are grave violations of women’s human rights” the CEDAW Committee expressed concern that Japanese law characterized stalking as “acts to ‘satisfy lov…

Nov 14, 2009 Pres Obama in Japan

Nov 14 President Obama Tokyo pix

This was an exciting day. yes i want him ot go more to the left and do the right thing for the country and the world... but it was great to see him in person.
more motivated to fight for social change.
community organizers of the world => keep rockin' it!

Japan women's rights hotline 2009

女性の人権ホットラインNov 15- Nov 21

Daily 8:30am-7:00pm  

TEL: 0570-070-810

* i know this is a week to raise awareness about abuse fo women's rights.
seems sad one week a year!

Nov 14, 2009 Pres Obama in Japan

A group of us were lucky not only the see and hear pres. Obama in person today but we also got great seats. thanks to both people at the embassy and Mike getting there at 6am!

We were moved and inspired by Pres. Obama today - he is terribly charismatic and shines most when he smiles.

It is great to have someone with a community organizer background in the WH. It is up to us to move him to take the actions we want. There is so much to do to make the world a better place.

I still have not downloaded my pix but here are a few. thie first one by John H and the second by Greg I.

Many more pix and vids have been posted on FB but for those of you not on FB --- here you go!


Look for the crazy people standing up right away - that is how close we were:

guns and friends

one of the reasons i stopped posting is my strong feelings about things and the scary reactions i get. yes this is not a high hit blog but there are scary people in the world and as long as they do not know me i guess i am okay.

tonight i have 2 notes - 1 good - 1 bad, not really bad!

the good i will have time to post when more later about but FINALLY Lindsey Ann Hawker's killer has been not spotted but found and arrested.
SEE! you can make a difference by looking around you and making a simple call. if it was your mom, your sister, your lover - would you not want someone to make that call and say hey i think i saw XXXX.

on the big bad note - an old (none older than I!) dear friend sent a short note on FB that her ex- (crazy controlling nutty - my words - not hers ) husband is getting a gun - no excuse me - a pistol permit.

what is the bloody difference? well i looked it up and it means you need to tell people liberal stuff like "guns have not proved to reduce crime"…

Lindsay Ann Hawker murder: prime suspect arrested

Thank god the guy was found ... just hope that other women's families can have peace.

The family worked hard to push the police to act and to educate the public.
Their efforts paid off. i only hope the police do not bungle it from now!

Honiefaith => a play and a real person.

Watching the play Honiefaith last week disturbed me a lot. Stories about violence against women disturb me --- but this show is based on a real case.

The show blurb:
* When a Filipino hostess' dismembered body is discovered in a Tokyo coin locker, Manila newspaper reporter Victor Balmori is dispatched to Japan. Balmori is looking for a story, he finds a nightmare.*

For the most recent article bout the case in English:

for the news report on the real case

There are many implications to this and other social issues to deal with --- of course:
if she was white
if she was a 23 year old English teacher
if she had parents who had the money to come to Japan to make media event
... well things would have been different.

Think about it.

Nov 11 Seminar => What’s needed to end world poverty? Your voice!

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009
19:00 – 20:45

International Development Seminar #3:
What’s needed to end world poverty? Your voice!

Seminar contents:
Introduction to poverty in the world today, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and how you can get involved. (In Japanese)

Featuring: Masaki Inaba, Executive Director, GCAP Japan,
Facilitator: Sarajean Rossitto

Location: Tsuda College Sendagaya Campus, Tsuda Hall in front of Sendagaya Station
Fee: None it’s Free!
Limited to 50 people only up sign up to day!
To sign up, visit:
Run For The Cure
/Walk for Life

2009 pix
courtesy of Kathy

A record number of people joined 1500+wow wee!

issues that bug me #1

kiddie porn and prostitution
Although the bill may seem straightforward, the issue of possession criminalization is still contentious in Japan as there is concern about infringement of freedom of speech. Should the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prevention Law be passed as yet another law without remedy or penalty or enforcement mechanisms it may be proof that change may only be a facade and not of actual change.

Find out more about the issues:

Some factors about what might determine actual policy change under the new J Govt

There are diverse factors, external, internal, structural and social, that will influence the development of human rights policy and behavior.

The DPJ Manifesto prioritizes a shift in the power of balance between lawmakers and bureaucrats. The purpose would be to have lawmakers take both more responsibility and have more power over policy, whereas currently bureaucrats have strong power over the contents of bills and processes. This change may enable more policy transformation if the new lawmakers are up to the task. Since ministry bureaucrats have been in place over 10, 20 or more years and have weathered leader changes over the years, this power shift will be neither easy not swift.

The DPJ and its coalition partners include people from a wide spectrum for far right to far left. Although they were aligned in their opposition to the LDP, it does not mean they are in agreement on rights issues or policies

Under a DPJ-lead government, there is more space for civil society to have influenc…

Some notes on women in US politics

Today although more than 90% are open to a female candidate
Factors that lead to her defeat
1. Rules favor men => did not win as many d
2. In the beginning Hill’s message was not a clear
Clear winner, not inviting people into
3. Gender bias in the media => commentary throughout the campaign (tear, tough, pms, passionate…)
4. Clinton had been on the stage for a long time – 16 years

We question our selves as women
We need to challenge our selves more – be willing to aim as high as men – being more assertive, without fear
Afraid to speak out, let someone else do that
Need to have more women framing the debate
Not just reactive
Rarely do we see female legislators making the Sunday rounds
What sets the glass ceiling level?
Does women’s confidence set the glass ceiling level?
Easier to not take responsibility?

Why is it taking so long for women to be integrated into position of power in the US G?
Given current trends women will have 50% by this year
2071 H of Rep 2100 senate US congresswomen make…

Some notes from Sept 4 Donna Brazile talk

Donna Brazil's recipe for success => women can break through the glass ceiling!
1. break old patterns that hold us back
2. go beyond our circumstances
3. never accepts no => no I can’t is old school
believe in hope
4. women are the majority => time to use our power
5. know our capacity SW
6. build networks
7. we can remake the world => you need to believe it first

And we need to
Work for us to do right here where we live => right here right now
Educate women
Build a bridge for women and girls
Women need to support women

30 seconds for breast cancer

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle).

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site => Pass it along to people you know.

U.N. panel raps Japan on women's issues

In the sixth periodic review, the Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) criticized the Japanese Government for the lack of progress.
Signatories to the Convention are required to address discriminative laws and practices but the committee has found that gender bias still remains problematic. no surprise here!

Get more info:
From the UN

From Asia Japan Women's Resource Center

From the various news outlets in English

What to do with your 12,000 "tax gift" from the the Government

I recently read in the Asahi about the nonprofit organization sodateage net 育て上げネット。
in Japanese
in English

they have a number of useful programs for youth that are out of work and looking for jobs. they do career counseling, training for interviews and rent interview clothing.

they have a campaign to get 1000 suit by the end of the year. but they need not only suits but white shirts, blouses, belts, and business shoes. Get more info about
Recycled-Suits for Youth Project

Also - you can just become a member .... use that 12,000yen the government gave you to better the economy by contributing it to those in the most need.

Japan Fundraising Association

Get more information abotu the Japan Fundraising Association here:

Back to blogging

i have gotten off of blogging for a while as i was overwhlemed just by being online so much.
i am also updating all my pages .... hope this will be easier to manage.

Effects of the economy on the nonprofit sector

i have been looking for data related to how the economic changes has been effecting funds nonprofits are able to raise. here are some links to some interesting articles -

March 13, 2009
52% of Donors Plan No Decrease in Giving in 2009

March 12, 2009D.C. and N.Y. Charities Reveal Recession Jitters in New Surveys to come later ...

Take the 12,000yen and give it to those in need!

The Japanese government stimulus plan idea of giving 12,000yen to us all is all fluff
=> what is the difference between putting this and putting 10,000 in an onigiri?

The government plan is neither strategic nor needs-based. This is our tax money so why not insist it be used responsibly to help those in the most need? othewise it seems like vote buying? Is it because those in the most need are less likely to vote in the upcoming elections?

"All Japanese residents who are listed in the citizen resident registry and all foreigners who have applied to the foreign resident registry as of Feb. 1 will be eligible."

I have read some really silly articles about how to best waste the government funds ... give me a break!

The 12,000yen should go to those most affected by the economic downturn. Sure we are all happy to have an extra 12,000yen in our pockets, but such a policy should focus on those who are out of work and possibly …

Join the party!