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Effects of the economy on the nonprofit sector

i have been looking for data related to how the economic changes has been effecting funds nonprofits are able to raise. here are some links to some interesting articles -

March 13, 2009
52% of Donors Plan No Decrease in Giving in 2009

March 12, 2009D.C. and N.Y. Charities Reveal Recession Jitters in New Surveys to come later ...

Take the 12,000yen and give it to those in need!

The Japanese government stimulus plan idea of giving 12,000yen to us all is all fluff
=> what is the difference between putting this and putting 10,000 in an onigiri?

The government plan is neither strategic nor needs-based. This is our tax money so why not insist it be used responsibly to help those in the most need? othewise it seems like vote buying? Is it because those in the most need are less likely to vote in the upcoming elections?

"All Japanese residents who are listed in the citizen resident registry and all foreigners who have applied to the foreign resident registry as of Feb. 1 will be eligible."

I have read some really silly articles about how to best waste the government funds ... give me a break!

The 12,000yen should go to those most affected by the economic downturn. Sure we are all happy to have an extra 12,000yen in our pockets, but such a policy should focus on those who are out of work and possibly …