DonatIon information 1: For our friends overseas

see below for Part 2 Japan domestic giving !  How you can help us in Japan!
Japan EQ support:  organizations that need your monetary support for their relief efforts
* Please indicate your donation is for the Tohoku/Japan Tsunami/Earthquake
* based on your questions i have added more information:

Why I suggest these two groups at the top and why in this order:

1. Directly to JEN: you can give directly to groups that need the funds now (general disaster funds may not send the money out for weeks or months)

2. MERCY CORPs and Peace Winds have collaborated in the past in New Orleans and such partnerships are important to continue to support.

3. Both groups have experience in disaster and emergency relief both inside (Niigata EQ) and outside Japan (many locations)

4. TRUST: I have known people at these organizations for years. These are friends who have been working in the field for years.


JEN (Japan Emergency NGOs)

JEN's English online donation page is now up for our overseas friends to support a local NGO assisting the people in Tohoku. You can donate with your credit card from their English Homepage.

Peace Winds Japan 
- Mercy Corps is the US partner for Peace Winds Japan, they worked together after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. You can use your credit card to donate in US dollars.

For people who want to contribute to groups in the west:
Overseas groups looking to help in Japan:
Save the Children

International Medical Corps
Text MED or 80888 to donate $10

The American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief

People can make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Their donation will go to support relief efforts for the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. (not just Japan.)

American Red Cross

General items that the Red Cross needs: Item donations for the general fund

Canadian Red Cross
in CA dollars

Donate miles to the Canadian Red Cross


  1. Thank you for the information Sarajean!

  2. Thank you this was so helpful and informative, I donated to JEN.


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