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History in the making.

Many people might not know it but there has been a movement against discrimination and racism going on for a long time in Japan. I have been fortunate to see what I felt was historical work being done.

On July 28 I attended two meetings coordinated by IMADR. I sat in on the prepratory and debriefing sessions that preceeded and followed the public meeting with MoFA on anti-discrimination legislation.

I would have joined the meeting had I sent in my form early enough of MoFA

There were people from all over Japan, representing different populations - Zainichi, Ni-kei, non-Japanese wives and children, foreign labourers etc. - but all related to discrimination issues. There was such a buzz of energy and I was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone worked to gether.

I think this was mostly due to Morihara's (IMADR's Secretary-General) effective facilitation, and coordination of the group. Discussion could have easily gone in 1001 different directions but I think his leadership is wha…

talking to people about RESPECTing themselves.

so much has been happening - i have been having a hard time keeping up.

Recently, I had dinner with a woman working with a groupcalled RESPECT - they are trying to develop sexual health education/awareness among Japanese youth. It seems to be more difficult that thought.

I really thought it would not be so tough to do outreach and talk to young people in Japan about sexual health issues but i guess taboos are taboos - no matter how free people seem on the outside. There have been several articles about increasing rates of STIs among young people in Japan. I wonder if it is really increasing or if we just just never had stats before.

RESPECT is doing really important work andI hope we can include them in some of our work this fall.