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speaking at a networking event Dec 17

Below is info on one of the groups here in tokyo that does networking - or rather they found me through the introduction of Jane Best from RIJ. I am going to go next week and sus it out. The schedule is not exactly set yet (except for the NPO networking time). But there will be 5 or 6 speakers and each get 30 min - 15 to present and 15 for discussion - some will be in E and some in J. From Jan they will do this once a month and asked me to help find ngo npo speakers - might be a good merger for our monthly happy hours/luncheons.
Actually - I was just asked to give a short presentation on Nonprofit NGO outreach at this event on Monday night. come along and please do share the info with friends!
12/17 (Mon) BIZ NITE MARKET! - STEREO @ Nishi Azabu The Baron Art Nite Artists show and discuss their work
19:00 - 19:30 NPO Nite Organizations share successs stories and best practices.
Net Nite: Starling CEO Curt Sampson discusses the advantages of agile software development ( www.starling…

human rights day 2007

I was looking for events to promote as part of huamn rights day...

i found that I AM SAM is showing at my local city hall
and i found out about several event but nothing too big or well publicised.

after the fact i found out about a parade(demo or march have negative connotations) iwas surprised it did not come to me through Amnesty's mailing list:

* Burma and the finger printing issues took main stage this year.

I think article one of theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights is the base of all other HR documents - but why the first sentence was not enough is telling about all the challenges we face:Article 1
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
for more info:
"Human Rights Day 2007 marks the start of a year-long commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."http://www.un.o…

End of another class

First semester of a class on Japan’s social issues and the work of nonprofit NGOs here.

Reaffirms my need to keep studying and the importance of knowing how to explain things to people who come from different backgrounds – people who might be mobilized but might not have the opportunity in their busy lives to think deeply about world issues.

So much work to do and so many people need motivation and a tug to get started.

Climate change and dollars and sense

What will the Climate change conference in Bali bring?

After hearing from the nonprofit NGOs involved in this I am concerned mostly about co-option rather than lack of power or influence.

so much in the news about the environment and climate change ... in dollars and sense terms not sure if this is the way it should be....

perhaps with out the "pocket book angle" there is no real impact?

Dec 1 World AIDS Day 2007

So many events going on in Japan and all over the world. Will the Japanese media again miss the chance to highlight this very serious issue?

I need to hold back and not be so judgmental – but it is hard for me to understand that into the third decade of AIDS so many people here think it is a foreign disease – no relationship to them or to Japan. this idoes not only apply to Japanese but to non-Japanese people as well who come ot live in a bubble of security. we take on the "island mentality" as our own. (Does that make us assimilated??!!??)

Many still do not see AIDS as a sexually transmitted disease. I was only reminded about this as focused on AIDS in two or my workshops just before and after WAD. Participants were quite different but still the distance shocked me. Like 1984 in the US…

it starts here ...with your action

Saturday, December 1, 2007 , World AIDS DAY in Shibuya - Shibuya Red part 1: RED WALK, 2:00-4:00 Location: Miyashita Park in Shibuyah…