is there an NGO that needs these? if so send me a message and i will connect you to the company

Small Camera : 100sets (Ready to deliver)

RIDGID SeeSnake micro Inspection Camera allows you to perform detailed visual inspection in hard to reach areas. Its comfortable pistol grip design and forward facing controls make it easy to detect and diagnose the unreachable. The SeeSnake micro Inspection Camera provides solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

Cable Reach: 90cm,
Weight: 500g
Water Proof: Camera & Cable to 3m
Lighting: LED is on the top of cable,
Display: 2.4" Color LCD

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) : 50 sets (delivery date depends upon needs of disaster area)

Because battery is installed inside, UPS can be used for avoiding unexpected shat-down of PC caused by sudden blackout. Also, after charging, UPS can be used as a removable battery on the location which has not electricity plugs near by. (Although capacity of battery is limited, it can be used for charging mobile phone.) Emerson provided this type of UPSes for Sichuan earth quake a couple of years ago, and was appreciated.


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