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Jan Egeland on Democracy Now!

Last night i heard former UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the former UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Jan Egeland speak on Democracy Now!
He has worked with the world’s neediest and in conflict zones including Darfur, Colombia, Gaza, Lebanon, Uganda, the Congo and Iraq.

Egeland's memoir, A Billion Lives: An Eyewitness Report from the Frontlines of Humanity, is a must read for any one interested and/or working in the social change field.

Have a Listen:

Get info in Japanese

Civil society groups in opposition to the G8

G8 action network

Focus on the Global South just finished its international preparatory meeting March 7-11, 2008 - here in Japan. The FGS has issued a CALL TO ACTION AGAINST THE G8.
based on thier recent meeting they will present ways groups from aroudn the world can get invovled in their campaign, which fouses on :
"Resisting Free Trade, Militarism and Fighting for Real Solutions to Climate Change"

I came across an article about leftists in Japan and the alternate summit. although there are some leftist groups in the call to action against the G8, the NGO forum (which is made up of groups like Kiko net and OXFAM) is hardly leftist. i am not sure who got this info together but opposition to the government does not make one a leftist or rightist. Sorry to burst X's bubble but it's true. Have a look at this:

Japan G proposes G-8, TICAD tie-up on aid to Africa

info i have not seen covered in international news:

If the J government leads the way in funding Africa focused development - i think many in Civil society would not only be surprized but encouraged to do more.

Info for NGOs interested in the alternative summit

The G8 NGO Summit website now has information for NGOs looking for information on the schedule. location and events.

The NGO Forum will be collaborating with Hokkaido People’s Forum on G8 Summit aka Hokkaido People’s Forum. They will respond together to Toyako G8 Summit from the NGO standpoint. The Alternative summit will take place July 5-8.

Toyako - where the actual G8 will take place - will be difficult to access to Toyako so the NGO Forum will take place in Sapporo and Rusutsu. The media center will also be located in Rusutsu

You can get more details here:

The NPO, Table For Two

Here is info on an interesting new org - Table For Two:
TABLE FOR TWO INTERNATIONAL NPO works to reduce hunger, trim waistlines

FEW Career Strategies seminar

Last weekend i took part in Foreign Executive Women's Career Strategies seminar and it was really uplifting. I was concered that I was neither an executive nor a trailing spouse and that in the past the FEW meetings i attended were dominated by the two groups. There so many consultants, and entrepreneurs taking part in this all day seminar - I felt like I met many new people with whom i could share ideas and concerns.

I often feel like because the nonprofit sector is not well understood that my work is necessary but then other days i feel like we may be wasting our time in Japan.

Joining gave me many ideas about how to be more effective in my work - not really new ideas but more of the kick in the backside.

You can purchase the career guide which has many intersting articles and useful tips:
Had a meeting today at a European Bank about thier CSR strategy.

I thought they had an effective but simple strategy that could be applied by companies of any size:

1. environmental guidelines - paper use, electricity use targets
2. funding projects - specific issue areas, could include staff volunteering
3. volunteer programs - organized volunteering with groups that the staff want to join for a lenght of time.
4. matching funds for particular projects hat staff are interested in running or taking repsonsibility for
5. emergency response to disasters - i am still pushing that companies take time to develop relationships with groups so that when disasters stricke they can act immediately and give to a group they know.
6. event support - fundraising events by an array of orgs.
7. compliance and awareness raising

FUN+raising party update

We are currently looking for people and organizations to join the Coordinating Team for the JUNE 14 party. We have been approaching a number of professional associations, alumni groups, and clubs to join the Team. We are
looking for people to help with
getting sponsors
getting drink and prize donations
and coordinating ticket reservation.

We have a number of people from different countries already involved in different ways. At the our next meeting will be on Wednesday March 19, we will confirm who will take on which responsibilities.

Anyone interested in being part of the Team should try to join us then.

We are also looking for companies interested in community engagement. Potential sponsors can get more information about the party and nonprofits we are supporting just after the March 19 meeting.

Please drop us a line if you are interested in getting more info!

Give some clothes away

Often over the last couple of years sometimes many have
asked how to and where to donate goods, used clothes, etc.

This week, Tokyo Union Church in Shibuya is taking donations for their
massive flea market. Visit Lauren's site or see the sheet below:

FUN+raising party update

FUN+Raising 2008
Subtitle English ÅHÅHÅH
Subtitle Japanese チャリティ・パーティ

DATE: Sat June 14 June 2008
TIME: 3:00-7:30pm
LOCATION: Shinsei Bank HQ, Tokyo (20th floor)
Ticket price 6000yen (ticket purchase deadline: June 6)

Networking with entertainment, jazz theme
Nonprofits have booths and will give short presentations at 4:00pm and 6:30pm

Mission Statement:
The mission of FUN+Raising is to expand the professional networking
community of Tokyo, to fundraise for selected Japan-based nonprofit
organizations, and to provide a public platform for local nonprofit
organizations to showcase their work to an audience of socially
conscious individuals.

Event Goals:
1. Social and Professional Networking:
FUN+Raising seeks to expand our community of socially conscious
individuals by bringing together local professional networking groups
under one charitable event.

2. Fundraising Focus:
FUN+Raising seeks to fundraise for a selected number of local
Japan-based no…