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New US-Japan nonprofit NGO course

Course Title; International Collaboration on Nonprofit NGO Management (8 Weeks) (ICNM-1) Start Date: January 24th Day: Saturday 09:00-11:20 Venue: TUJ Tokyo (Maps & Directions) Fees: ¥65,500 
Through the use of technology, engaging discussions and a sharing of expert speakers and intellectual resources, two Temple University campuses (TUJ and TUH) will share two courses per year that will foster intellectual exchange with peers and colleagues from various backgrounds. This training program willcover topics such ascurrent issues, leadership, grant writing, financial management, program management and human resourcesand help participants to take on more active roles within their organizations or communities.

Week 1-Jan. 24- TUJ opening session- Week 2-Jan. 30/31-Shared Session 1 ( Theme: International Collaboratio) Week 3- Feb. 6/7- Shared Session 2( Theme: Marketing the Nonprofit Sector) Week 4-Feb. 13/14- Shared Session 3 (Them…

NEW TUJ course

TUJ ContEd will offer international collaborative course on  NGO management together with TU Harrisburg. This international collaboration is funded by the U.S.- Japan Foundation. (en) (jp)
The Japanese version is now posted on Kisha Club in Naikakufu or Cabinet Office, as well as distributed  via Daigaku Press Centre.

Black Stripe Theater presents: God of Carnage, January 22-25

A black comedy involving four parents, who meet to discuss the recent actions of their uncivilized children. But as the saying goes “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree” and their “discussion” soon turns chaotic, revealing the deep cracks just below the surface of the two marriages. A hilarious show written with wit, some bad language and plenty of surprises. ​
Black Stripe Theater presents the award winning comedy: God of Carnage
Written by Yasmina Reza Directed by Ed Gilmartin
Featuring: Mark Chinnery Ian Martin 
Julie Sweum

Rachel Walzer
DATES/TIMES: THURSDAY 1/22: 7:30pm FRIDAY 1/23: 7:30pm SATURDAY 1/24: 1:30pm SATURDAY 1/24 7:30pm (SORRY - SOLD OUT!) SUNDAY 1/25: 1:30pm SUNDAY 1/25 7:30pm
VENUE: Ogikubo Show Gekijou (Art Colline) 3-47-18 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo-to