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2 Translation/editing volunteers needed for the months of September to December

I will need  some help with some of the Earthquake related materials -
For Japanese to English i need help with
1. Japanese reports - 1-3 page summaries of key points for US foundations
2. Japanese NGO project plans and reports - maybe 20 pages a month

If there is some one who has excellent Japanese writing skills - rewriting and editing official documents on weekends. a few pages a week usually.

drop me a note here ...

More information on volunteer buses

A large number of organizations and tour companies are trying to
to mix volunteer work with seeing Tohoku.
I udnerstand many people have mixed feelings about this  ... but there are many options to appela to many typeos of people.
For the Obon holiday - the deadline is August 5.
also if you can try ot make it up to Iwate - seems that many are just heading to Miyagi and Ishinomaki in particular
There are many pick up/start spots all over Japan but below are just of those starting from Tokyo:
pick up      行き先
destination            日付 dates                  主催       
     organized by                        観光あり?
8月21日~24日 他 大田区

8月19日~21日 他(株)ベルプランニング東京都
(新宿区)宮城県8月20日~22日 他(株)エイチ・アイ・エス


Some notes from a discussion on "Including Local Community Input in Rebuilding, while Encouraging Out-of-the-Box thinking" in Tohoku

There are many issues we need to deal with in the transition from emergency to recovery phases.

The participatory approach is not only important because it makes sense but because it has been proven to work. 

We should be careful in our trying to "respect peoples local ways" that we are not taking a paternalistic or protective role or view. 

I realised in our talks
1. that many people are still thinking of people in tohoku as victims to be protected rather than equals who need support in getting their feet back on the ground.
2. there is not a clear understanding of the differing roles that volunteers and professional not only can take but also should take,

We should clarify the roles, responsibilities of as well as the need for general volunteers and professionals - both are needed but have different purposes and benefits. 
For example - general volunteers are important in numbers and for both hard and soft recovery - whether it be serving tea, baby sitting…

Organizations in disaster relief work seeking volunteers

National Social Welfare Council (全国社会福祉協議会) has kept updating information through its website on groups and organizations that engage in disaster relief works and seek volunteers, and also locations and contacts of volunteer centers that support volunteer activities in Tohoku
Download the PDF - updated weekly

places still looking for in-kind donations

福島県(企業等のみ) [福島県災害対策本部物資班]
岩手県(企業・法人受付) [岩手県保健福祉部地域福祉課]岩手県(個人受付) [義援物資受付センター]茨城県(企業等のみ) [茨城県保健福祉部福祉指導課]

Volunteers bus - see who what where when, this summer

Pick up points throughout the country From Tokyo 東京都ハビタット・フォー・ヒューマニティ・ジャパン(東京=大船渡市):募集中NPO事業サポートセンター(東京=岩手県大槌町):募集中ニッカ航空サービス株式会社、地域観光研究所(東京=石巻):募集中名鉄観光サービス株式会社盛岡支店(東京駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中京成バス株式会社(葛西駅・秋葉原駅・京成上野駅=宮城県七ヶ浜町):募集中近畿日本ツーリスト株式会社ECC事業部カンパニー第8営業支店(東京駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中名鉄観光 7月30日(土)発(東京駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中名鉄観光 8月5日(土)発(東京駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中名鉄観光 8月6日(土)発(東京駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中近畿日本ツーリスト株式会社ECC事業部カンパニー第8営業支店【LIGHT UP NIPPON】(東京=岩手・宮城・福島):募集中近畿日本ツーリスト株式会社ECC事業部カンパニー第8営業支店(東京駅=宮城県石巻市雄勝町):募集中近畿日本ツーリスト 第1営業支店(東京駅=宮城県七ヶ浜町):募集中佐川アドバンス株式会社 旅行事業部(東京駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中株式会社ベルプランニング (新宿駅=岩手県陸前高田市):募集中千葉中央バス株式会社(京成上野駅=宮城県南三陸町):募集中NPO法人地域の芽生え21 (東京都足立区=各地):募集中RQ市民災害救援センター(東京都=宮城県登米市):募集中トップツアー株式会社(東京都(東京駅)=岩手県沿岸地区):募集中宮交観光サービス株式会社(東京=宮城県内各地):募集中近畿日本ツーリスト株式会社ECC事業部カンパニー第8営業支店(東京=宮城県本吉郡南三陸町):募集中近畿日本ツーリスト・NGOボランティアプラットフォーム(東京=宮城県東松島市):募集中株式会社ダイヤモンド・ビッグ社(東京=岩手県沿岸部の市町村):募集中ap bank Fund for Japan (東京=宮城県石巻市等):募集中NPO法人 Youth for 3.11(東京=岩手県・宮城県各地):募集中日本財団「ROADプロジェクト」(東京=石巻、東京…

Look on the Janic Site for NGO jobs

NGO job - Polaris Project Japan Program Officer

Polaris Project Japan | Program Officer
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Degree Preferred: MA; BA required
Type: Full Time

Salary: 3,000,000~3,500,000yen/year dependent on experience and qualifications
Start Date: Available immediately
Languages Required: English, Japanese
Position Description: Polaris Project is an internationally recognized organization headquartered in the United States that has been working to combat human trafficking and modern-day slavery since 2002. Polaris Project Japan (PPJ) is a registered independent nonprofit located in Japan whose operations began in 2004.This position would be employed by Polaris Project Japan exclusively and would be located in the Tokyo. PPJ is one of the only nonprofit organizations working to fight human trafficking in Japan. Polaris Project has operated a local office in Tokyo, Japan since 2004. This office – Polaris Project Japan (PPJ) – is currently seeking a Program Officer, who will be primarily responsible for our public commu…

Tohoku Charity Event

SUGAR CANE vol.2 Tohoku Charity Event Saturday, July 23,2011 @ XEX NIHOMBASHI (MISTUKOSHI- MAE STATION A9) NO COVER CHARGE Show time 9:00 pm ~ morning! CONCERT & 80’s DANCE PARTY
100% NON- SMOKING EVENT (NO CIGARS /CIGARETTES) Ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for JULY 23rd? Hope you are because it’s going to be a big night! MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON ON THE CHARITY ORGANISATION, RAFFLE PRIZES & SPONSORS. Don't forget that after the concert there will be an 80's & 90’s music dance party until morning with
Deejay Antomattei Antomattei, who is frequently credited as DJ Antomattei of Tokyo (born Marc Tolin Antomattei on January 4, 1983 in El Paso, Texas) is a professional disc jockey that is both a musical connoisseur and an autodidact; He is known for playing many eclectic styles of music including house, hip hop, soul, acid-jazz, disco, lounge, bossa nova, and salsa among other styles. The self-proclaimed “Miles D…

NGOs looking for staff, interns and consultants

To Tohoku: Rebuilding Japan - Sunday July 17

To Tohoku: Rebuilding Japan
 Sunday  July 17         
15:00- 20:30pm
Info and discussions on volunteering for relief efforts
With booths and presentations by NGO relief organizations
Panel Discussion on earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis issues
+ Barbecue!

Event  Schedule
3:00pm:  Open
3:00-8:00pm NGO booths (Peace Boat, TELL, NICCO, Free The Children Japan, AAR, JEN, SHARE, Eat and Energize the East! The Nippon Foundation Road Project, OXFAM Japan, Japan Platform)
3:30pm:  Welcome by U.S. Embassy officials and Temple University Japan
4:00-5:30pm:  Discussion Panel and Q & A featuring NGO leaders
Mariko Fuwa, NICCO, Community development issues and activities
Sanae, NakaJima, Free the Children Japan,  Youth supporting youth in Fukushima
Linda Semlitz, TELL,  Psycho social support and disaster first aid
Tatsuya Yoshioka, Peace Boat,  The power of volunteers
Moderator: Sarajean NGO Consultant,
6:00-6:30pm:  Q & A session with…

General notes and observations from the June 13-21 Tohoku trip

General notes and observations:
1. Evacuation centers Big gaps in quality and services Some centers have a lot of goods and some do not Some are cramped and some have space Some have sophisticated barriers and some places the leaders will not allow them to use the barriers People are slowing moving out: 1.


◎ Sunday July 17  15:00- 20:00
Info and discussions on volunteering  for relief efforts
With booths and presentations by NGO + BBQ!
Location:  U.S. Embassy Housing compound
for more information contact
 Please send your full name e-mail by July 12 (Wed) to get on list!
Location:  U.S. Embassy Housing compound in Minato-ku, Tokyo (Akasaka) Sponsor and Host:The U.S. Embassy, Tokyo - Japan Defense Attache Office (involved in Humanitarian Relief efforts) Organizers:Wakai Project at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies Temple University Japan
What to bring: Official ID card TheEmbassyhas a security check that requires everyone to show an official I.D  (Official I.D.:e.g. – Driver’s license, Passport, Health Insurance card) Registration To sign up: Please e-mail by July 12 (Wed)  We will need to have a name list in advance for all people who come in (we have to submit a list in advance, so please send us your…