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To see what Japanese NGOs are doing in Tohoku ....

Have a look at this pdf file on the japan platform website:

Japan Platform (JPF) is taking action for emergency assistance for the victims of North-East Japan earthquake and tsunami that occurred on 3/11/2011 2:46PM.
JPF is an international emergency humanitarian aid organization made up of a consortium of 32 Japanese NGOs, the business community, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
(20110325)North-East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami.pdf

EVENT on April 2 "Nuclear crisis in Japan: What we need to know"

There will be translation for this event - see below.
◆◇◆◇ 『放射能って何?』さぽうと21 緊急講演会のお知らせ ◆◇◆◇
━『放射能って何?さぽうと21在住外国人向け講演会』━━━━━━━━━ ━ "Nuclear crisis in Japan: What we need to know"  ━━━━━━━━━━
■ DATE April 2, 6:00-8:00
■ VENUE:TKP Shibuya conference center Hall 3A
■ Speaker: Okamoto Tomohiro(おかもと ともひろ)氏
■ in Japanese with translation: Burmese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese Spanish, Persian, English, French (as of March 30 maybe other languages too if you cna help with translation please let them know!)
★ Please send your name and contact infromation to SP21 by email or fax:  FAX 03-5449-1332
TEL 03-5449-1331 FAX 03-5449-1332

ADRA assessment of the Tohoku disasters

Details of Disaster Information
 they have several reports and charts that might be useful for talking about what has happened

37 Frames : Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 pix

have a look - but not for the faint of heart
Tokyo Photographers just back from Tohoko
37 Frames : Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 Japan… The Black MouthTheir photos say more than words ever could

US nonprofit sector --- did you know?

Did you know ...
The nonprofit industry accounts for 5 percent of the nation's entire GDP. The nonprofit sector employs 12.9 million people, or 10 percent of the workforce (larger than the finance, insurance, and real-estate sectors combined). In 2008, public charities reported $1.4 trillion in total revenue and $2.6 trillion in assets. Lear more from Guidestar !

in Hanami season you can support Tohoku

To all our clients, supporters and friends
as we head into Hanami season 2011, (Japanese Follows/ 日本語は下記に続きます。) The last 2 ½ weeks have been some of the most difficult in recent history here in Tokyo and Tohoku Japan. We know you are all dealing with complicated situations and decisions involving your work, home and future planning. At this time of difficulty and stress we are reminded that the point of celebrating cherry blossom season is to acknowledge both the beauty and the impermanence of life, to celebrate the seasons, the passage of time, and our friends and family and to truly appreciate them while we have them as nothing in life remains the same and nothing is permanent. With that in mind we know many of you who normally celebrate this festive time of year at work or with friends are not sure if it is wise or appropriate given all the stress and in sympathy with our neighbors in the north who have experienced such tremendous loss. But at the same time, we know al…

Blood donations

Message from one my readers:
Foreigners are welcome to donate and have been for several years.
The blood donation guidelines are in English here:">
and here's a copy/paste from that site:
The following categories of people are deferred from donating blood in

Please also note that ANYBODY who has entered Japan in the last four
weeks may NOT give blood

BSE/Mad Cow Disease

To clarify the below rules, please calculate your TOTAL amount of time
spent in ANY of the countries in categories 1~4 during the relevant risk
period for that country. If your total period of time in a high-risk
country during a high-risk period is equal to 6 months or more than you are
banned from blood donations for life.

Similarly, if you have spent a total of 5 years total in any of the
countries listed in all 6 categories during risk perio…

Host families for Earthquake Evacuees

Calling for Host families for Earthquake Evacuees

Some useful information shared by World Campus International, Inc.

Earthquake updates for foreigners in Japan
・Twitter Disaster info in Multilanguage
・Family Links website ICRC (外国語安否確認サイト 赤十字国際委員会)
・Japan earthquake how to protect yourself (20 languages)
・FM radio WAIWAI (FMわいわい)
・Calling for Hostfamily for Earthquake Evacuees
・How to donate on JustGiving Japan
・Nippon Foundation
・List of Organizations for Donation

World Campus International, Inc.
- Unique Access to Japan, and the World! -

Interesting site to check out: Give Here not There

Give Here, Not ThereA guide to the right way to support Japanese Earthquake relief efforts...

Disaster and Recovery in Japan Event - April 14

Topic: 2011 Disaster and Recovery in Japan- Expert panel on what is being done, what you can do, how we can help and how we can prepare ourselves in the future.
we were originally scheduled for our topic this month centered around green business. Given recent events we thought the best to bring in some folks on the front line of relief efforts to tell us what has and is being done, what they have learned in the process and what we can all expect in the coming weeks and months. We hope you will come to this important FEW meeting, we want to share our stories, come together as a community and add our own resources to the relief efforts underway for the immediate, short and long term.
Panelist will be on hand from PEACEBOAT, SECOND HARVEST, MERCY FLIGHTS, and perhaps others. Please spread the word to your FEW member friends and interested guests. We will have a presentation from each panelist and then a time for questions.
ALSO on this ni…

Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund

Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund
March 18, 2011
The Japan NPO Center
On March 11, a devastating earthquake and tsunamis struck the northeast coast of Japan. In its aftermath, an all-out effort for rescue and relief has been under way, where effective mobilization of local and community-based NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) will be a key for meeting the needs of different local contexts and sustainable recovery processes.
With this understanding, the Japan NPO Center, in collaboration with the Civil Society Initiative Fund, has established the Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund. The Fund will be used by local NPOs which conduct much needed relief and recovery efforts. Donations to the fund will be collected from individuals, corporations and foundations in Japan and overseas.
Who will benefit from the fund?
Needs-based, swift and flexible use is the major feature of this fund. Recipients of the fund will be NPOs which qualify under the following eligibility criteri…

Volunteers needed - getting material donations arranged for Tohoku.

REQUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS IN TOKYO - If you want to do some hands-on work, I've received a request for volunteers to help catalogue aid that has been collected. We've had trucks driving around Tokyo this weekend searching for specific items that were requested by shelters, but information on available stocks would have saved time and fuel.

Please send e-mail to damian at japanrefugee dot org if you can be available during the day this coming week.

Site updated!

Information from the past week has been updated here - please share the link with people in your networks:

everyone has a role to play

Saturday morning mixed news and notes

A bunch of things came into my mailbox on Friday --- please share far and wide

News from the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC
Today, the evening meal at the Tagajo Community Centre was potato chips and some Japanese sweets. The roads are open, and this city is only 20 minutes away from Sendai.

In support, the Tokyo hooping community is collecting cooking condiments (soy sauce, cooking oil, salt, miso) at their monthly hoop jam this Sunday 3/27 from 12:30 - 4:30 at Yoyogi Park. There is also a donation-based flea market planned. Details here:

On 3/27, there is a Music event at What the Dickens in Ebisu to support both the Tohoku and the Christchurch quake survivors. 6 -11 pm. Details on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=192966024070196&index=1

Japan Guide Consortium
Group mobilizing volunteer interpreters to assist relief efforts.

info for people outside Tokyo (but in Japan)

if is there a hub in the Kansai or Tokai areas for information like this -
 donations of items - please let me know.

there are people who want to organize shipping to some of the items or even to support local groups work.

orgs outside Tokyo to look into

Rescue stockyard in nagoya

Niigata Saigai (Disaster Volunteer Network)

 Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA)

Intern in NYC

Social Media Intern for Nonprofit (Midtown East) Date: 2011-03-25, 5:03PM EDT
Reply to:[Errors when replying to ads?]

An NYC-based Nonprofit is looking for an intern to help manage our social media networks.

Networks include:

We have 4 accounts that will need to be updated on a daily basis. Intern will be responsible for posting updates, creating content, engaging with group members and helping to develop social media strategies.

Please submit a resume if interested. Position available immediately.

Compensation: This position is unpaid. This is at a non-profit organization. This is an internship job Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. Please, no phone calls about this job! Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

bulletin board for several of the affected towns/cities

a daily bulletin board for several of the affected towns/cities.

Peace Boat news

Mar 21, 2011 - Updated - Emergency Relief for the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Peace Boat expresses its deepest condolences to all those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of March 11, 2011

Peace Boat is now conducting emergency relief efforts for those suffering as a result of this disaster. See the link below for reports and information about how to donate both money and material goods, and how to volunteer.

Another organization to get involved in

Rescue Japan is a non-profit relief effort working to collect and donate supplies for those affected by the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami and Earthquake.

This initiative is a great way for you get involved by donating goods to those in crisis. We are collecting items and monetary donations to send collected supplies directly to the evacuation shelters and to support centers setup in the communities where victims have fled for shelter and safety.  While the Japanese government and foreign aid donations will help the survivors with immediate necessities, we hope to also provide the victims with items that will help them rebuild their everyday lives.

 lots of opps helping out!

is there an NGO that needs these? if so send me a message and i will connect you to the company

Small Camera : 100sets (Ready to deliver)

RIDGID SeeSnake micro Inspection Camera allows you to perform detailed visual inspection in hard to reach areas. Its comfortable pistol grip design and forward facing controls make it easy to detect and diagnose the unreachable. The SeeSnake micro Inspection Camera provides solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

Cable Reach: 90cm,
Weight: 500g
Water Proof: Camera & Cable to 3m
Lighting: LED is on the top of cable,
Display: 2.4" Color LCD

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) : 50 sets (delivery date depends upon needs of disaster area)

Because battery is installed inside, UPS can be used for avoiding unexpected shat-down of PC caused by sudden blackout. Also, after charging, UPS can be used as a removable battery on the location which has not electricity plugs near by. (Although capacity of battery is limited, it can be used for charging mobile phone.) Emerson provided this type of UPSes for Sichuan ea…

OTC medicines needed!

a team that will make a trip north on Sunday with aid and OTC medicine has been
requested (influenza, diarrhea, etc.). if you would be able to assist in
sourcing these supplies please contact  Damian asap
damian at japanrefugee dot org

Peace Boat news

Peace Boat is running a relief effort to cook 500 meals daily in Ishinomaki, Miyagi-ken. They are seeking volunteers and donations of goods and money.
Details here:

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and NGO-JEN in Japan

The Jewish Community of Japan has partnered with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and NGO-JEN in Japan to help those stricken by the earthquake and tsunami.

NGO-JEN has been able to get supplies and relief workers right into the areas of northern Japan most directly affected by the natural disasters. You can read more about their efforts on their website at

The JDC contacted the Jewish Community of Japan within 24 hours of the disaster and was able to mobilize staff and funds immediately. They have already donated $25,000 through the Jewish Community of Japan to assist NGO-JEN in their work. You, your friends and family can donate to the JDC using the following link:
Money can also be sent to:
Japan/Pacific Disaster Relief
Attn: JDC
P.O. Box 530
132 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017 USA
Please make telephone donations at +1 212 687 6200

You may also donate directly to our special…

REal volunteer stories

Putting things in perspective - a volunteer story to share:  there are a lot of unrealistic expectations about how dearly needed your contribution is, or how fun it might be.

One place that's near Tokyo and
> that is still accepting volunteers is the Saitama Super
> Arena, which is easily accessible from Tokyo via either
> the Saikyo Line (Kita- Yono Station) or the
> Keihin-Tohoku Line (Saitama Shintoshin Station).
> The Arena has become the primary spot from some of
> those evacuated from their homes around the Fukushima
> nuclear power plant, particularly residents of the town
> of Futaba-machi. The news reports here indicate that
> there are about 1200 residents from the town there,
> though I was told by one of the local volunteers that
> there are hundreds from other towns as well; I didn't
> talk to any of the evacuees and haven't done enough
> research online to be sure.
> The place is, however, overflowing w…

Japan Universal Design Research Institute: English translation

Uniken, Japan Universal Design Research Institute:(Japanese only)
The information is accurate. Here is the correct link:

Here is what they are currently collecting:
Food, beverages (in sealed packaging) until Fri, 3/25
Socks, cotton gloves, earplugs (unused items only) until Sun, 3/27
Dry shampoo, until Wed 3/30
Women's underwear, men's underwear (unused goods only) until Wed 3/30 

The non-profit organization Uniken currently has staff and volunteers on the ground in the disaster-affected areas conducting relief activities, launching a project dubbed The Japan Universal Disaster Relief Headquarters.   (1) The Japan Universal Disaster Relief Headquarters, or Japan Universal, has deployed a large number of volunteers to the disast…

Shopping and volunteering together? yes you can!

Have a look at the Otodoketai and see what you can do to help elders in the Sendai area!

Announcing the Japan Civil Network for disaster Relief in East Japan

website was just launched on March 22:


ASHINAGA expresses heartfelt sympathy for the tragic loss of life ensuing the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Northeastern Japan.
As in all emergencies of such crippling magnitude, children who have lost their parents/guardians are the most vulnerable.
ASHINAGA stands ready to assist these children in their days of greatest need.
We are now accepting donations in support of activities related to the financial aide, education and emotional care of children orphaned from the Tohoku Tsunami disaster.”
Website in English

A group worth checking out

FOREIGN VOLUNTEERS JAPAN Foreign (nonJapanese) Volunteers Japan’s project aims to collect food and essential supplies for distributing to the people of Tohoku who have lost their houses, family members, and even some complete villages due to the devastating tsunami which followed the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-Sendai earthquake.  The initial donation that got this project started was an 8 ton donation of baked beans.
Beyond baked beans, the following are also needed:  food, diapers, fuel, blankets, clothing, children’s toys, sweets, toilet rolls, chopsticks, paper plates, water, towels, futons, tents, cardboard boxes, plastic forks, charcoal, etc…

You know i hate the word foreign but they seem to doing something good ...

a new organziation to introduce you to: CRASH

A new org to me at least!
CRASH volunteers

some info from their site
Questions About Volunteering When can I go? We will be ready for relief volunteers by early April.  We are prioritizing our resources and volunteers in a database and will contact you when we are prepared to place you.  (For teams overseas, it will likely be at least April before we are ready to receive you.) How much time do I need to commit? Because of the immensity of the need and the inefficiency created in constantly rotating volunteers, we are asking for a time commitment of at least two weeks. What can I expect to be doing? Teams will be largely involved in clean-up and rebuilding.  The needs of communities are varied, and our response depends on those needs.  We review all the information you send us and match our volunteers to the needs that arise. Why haven't I heard from someone yet? Our team has been in contact with a large number of potential volunteers in a small amount…

Second Harvest Japan’s Disaster Relief Plan

Currently, Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) is using all of its personnel power to work on the disaster relief activity for the people in Tohoku area affected by the Pacific earthquake. Here are what we are working on now: 1) establishing the network to recruit all kinds of items we need; 2) establishing safe and secure routes to deliver needed items to the disaster victims; 3) collecting information about what exactly the disaster victims need. With your support, we will engage in the emergency disaster relief and the reconstruction assistance that will follow the emergency action.

Basic Plan

* 2HJ set up the Disaster Relief Office in Sendai city. The office is working to establish the logistics network of donated items for agencies and evacuation sites in Miyagi prefecture. The office also collects information about food and supplies the disaster victims need and we will keep updating the information on our website.

* 2HJ sends two large size 4-ton trucks (one non-reefer truck and one ree…

Second Harvest accepting matieral and cash donations - Japanese this time around




最終更新日時: 3月 20日 10:48


・ 米、缶詰、レトルト食品(賞味期限内のもの)
・ カセットガス、電池、ホッカイロ
・ 赤ちゃん用紙おむつ、粉ミルク、離乳食、高齢者用紙おむつ(未開封のもの)
・ 生理用ナプキン、トイレットペーパー、ウエットティッシュ、マスク、簡易トイレ(未開封のもの)
・ 消毒薬、絆創膏などの外用薬(未開封のもの)


MAPACTION maps of Tohoku with useful info

this site has some interesting and useful maps showing which organizations are active where, which roads are open, damage etc. if you have more information - please contact them!
They are working with undac but also hoping to work with others as well.
Great work!

Group helping animals needs Tokyo-based volunteers.

We got a request/offer that requires people in Tokyo that are at bilingual (Japanese/English).  Or at least an English speaker that is good at Japanese, or visaversa. That said, we need other Tokyo based errands:

イーココロ ekokoro giving options

【1】ユナイテッドピープル基金 協賛企業の東北関東大震災 緊急支援クリック募金




【3】東北関東大震災 被災者の皆様への応援メッセージ
少しでも精神的な心の支えになったらと思い、始めます。 ────────────────────────────────────

◎ZOZOTOWN【0.5% 募金】

Fundraising concerts being help al around the country

Here's a list of charity concerts that have been put together around the country::

Food drive - March 22- 24

Japanese translation to follow.  日本語訳は英文の後に続きます。
This drive is open to non-members as well.

The Tokyo American Club is holding a food drive to support the humanitarian efforts under way for those affected worst by the devastating March 11
earthquake and subsequent tsunamis.
The food drive will take place between the hours of 10:00 - 15:00 on
March 22, 23 & 24. Donations should be dropped off on the B1 family
side. Volunteers will assist in moving them to the collection location
in the Women’s Group classroom, “Gordon Suite” (adjacent to the B1
Member Services Desk).
Food items most needed are rice, miso, nori, canned foods (vegetables,
fruit, fish & meat) and noodles (soba, udon, ramen, spaghetti). The
items must be undamaged, non-perishable and with ample time remaining
on the expiry date.
Non-members may also donate food items. Non-members should advise the
staff of their purpose at the main entrance gate, and then proceed
down the ramp to the B1 family side where they drop…

Got a little space to share

CouchSurfing - Japan Crisis Housing CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit.

Good for visits but may also be good for people from Tohoku needing a place to sleep for a while.

NGO field notes # 5 Peace Boat Japan - Japanese and English

Peace Boat ピースボートUPA国際協力プロジェクト  Mar 18, 2011 - Updated - Emergency Relief for the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Peace Boat expresses its deepest condolences to all those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of March 11, 2011 (Friday). Peace Boat is now launching emergency relief efforts for those suffering as a result of this disaster. While collecting information about the damage, we now have two advance teams of experienced staff in the affected areas investigating potential support. Following the advance teams' investigations, Peace Boat plans to also send volunteers to assist in rebuilding the lives of those affected. Details of this relief and further campaign information will be published on this page as soon as confirmed. Peace Boat is now also accepting donations for this emergency relief fund from both within and outside Japan. We thank you kindly for your cooperation.
ピースボート 東北・関東大震…

NGO field notes # 4 Good Neighbors Japan - Japanese and English

Good Neighbors Japan グッドネーバーズジャパン Online donations in Japanese
新着情報(2011年3月17日)物資の配布を開始3月16日、岩手県釜石市にて支援物資(歯ブラシ200、マスク約1,600、 Tシャツ327枚)を被災者の方々に配布しました。 14日夕方に東北地方に向けて出発したグッドネーバーズ・ジャパンのスタッフ一同は、山形県を経由して秋田県にて支援物資を調達。16 日の朝に秋田を出発し、岩手県北上市に到着しました。道路は交通規制が敷かれていましたが、緊急車両通行証を取得し、夕方には岩手県釜石市に入る事ができました。
支援現場へ向かう道路。被害の大きさが覗えます。 釜石市は吹雪に見舞われ、氷点下の寒さでした。
避難所にて、支援物資を配布。 今後、他のエリアの避難所でも支援を行う予定です。
(this summary is mine) News from March 17, 2011
Started with the distribution of supplies
March 16, => relief supplies distribution in the city of Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture 200 toothbrushes,1,600 masks, 327 T-shirts distributed to the victims The Good Neighbors Japan (GBJN) Staff set off for Japan's Tohoku region on the evening of March 14 First we needed to assess the size of damage.
Kamaishi City was h…

Pscho-social support also available

At this time many people here in Japan are suffering and need someone to talk to, and   TELL & いのちの電話 are here to help!
TELL (Tokyo English Life Line)  is providing information and support for the English speaking community across Japan. This new page they have added has links, data and other resources helpful for people here and those overseas who are concerned about their relatives in Japan and STRESS-REDUCING TECHNIQUES : Need to talk? TELL is here to listen: 03-5774-0992
いのちの電話 For anyone in need of support in Japan, please visit to find the nearest Life Line service. いのちの電話では、自死遺族への支援活動を行っております。 一般社団法人日本いのちの電話連盟へのお問い合わせは、 TEL:03-3263-6165、 FAX:03-3511-7508 まで

WHY support some and not all?

I have been putting some groups at the top of my list for several reasons but the main one being --- they are active on the ground now and i strongly believe in direct designated giving.

To make it simple - there are many different types of funds or ways to give and there are also many different types of action to take.

1. Giving directly to the groups doing work on the ground
* This is based on the idea that orgs need money NOW in emergency situations and that they do not have a lot of extra money to play with.
* When we give directly to a specific funding campaign, the org is also expected to use the funds for that purpose and that purpose only. they should be be shifting money to other accounts or needs. 

2. Giving to affiliates overseas:
* In this case the org getting the money may or may not be active in the country where the disaster has happened.
Mercy Corp has stated clearly that funds are being collected in the US for Peace Winds. some other organizations are collecting money…