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NEW CLASS STARTS SOON Social Issues Through Drama

Social Issues Through Drama (8 Weeks) Mondays 19:10-21:30 May 29th ~ July 14 Application deadline May 21 Instructor: Sarajean Rossitto Apply for this Course: Details: The purpose of this class is to develop a more critical understanding of social issues through drama. The class focuses on the issues included in the play (SEVEN) including but not limited to democracy, education, reproductive health, trafficking in persons, refugees and crisis and home (domestic) violence. Each week we will cover one section of the play SEVEN after reviewing at least one major issue. Weekly online reading assignments introduce background information to help participants understand the connections between the issues presented and the play. Each student is expected to: 1) do some background research on one character; and 2) take part in a final reading of the play. This course is not aimed at specialists and participants with dive…

apply now for Peace Boat’s Global University

Peace Boat’s Global University

Peace Boat’s Global University - Now Accepting Participants for
August 2017 [Tokyo-Yangon]

How do we achieve peace and justice in society? This question is more
pressing today, when the tendency to secure safety by division and
exclusion―rather than cooperation and inclusion―seems to be spreading
globally. When we turn on news, anti-immigration rhetoric is heard
everywhere and intolerance to others seems to be growing stronger.

From August 10 to 28, 2017, Japan-based international NGO Peace Boat’s
Global University will organise a 19-day programme with the theme
“Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in the Asia-Pacific.”

The programme will be a combination of interactive onboard seminars
and field visits in four places (Tokyo, Xiamen, Singapore, and
Yangon). Drawing on actual case studies from the Asia-Pacific region,
this programme will expose participants to issues related to poverty
and discrimination, environmental issues, migration and conflict…