More complete listing for Japan EQ donations

Many groups are only asking for donations right now. Please give to the one that matches your interests best. 
I know many of you want to volunteer but I am still waiting to hear back from these groups. Many of them only went to the site last night so by Sunday we should have a better idea of people needs.  
Please be patient and do not just get in a car and drive north. it can be very dangerous! 
Please do not send unsolicited items.  we should know soon what they want and where specifically you should send them.

Japan EQ support: international organizations that need your monetary support for their relief efforts
International Organizations - Online giving
* Please indicate your donation is for the Tohoku Earthquake

Mercy corps
* US partner for Peace Winds Japan, they worked together after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
In US dollars

Save the Children

Canadian Red Cross
in CA dollars

Donate miles Canadian Red Cross

American Red Cross

Text donations in North America
People can make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Their donation will go to support relief efforts for the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.

General items that the Red Cross needs: Item donations for the general fund

Raising funds for the Japanese Earthquake.
Intermediary groups:
* Please indicate your donation is for the Tohoku Earthquake

Look at their site for more information about the groups and projects they will fund.
Global giving projects

Give One website (in Japanese)
You can give donations of 1000yen and up to Japan Platform

Find out about Japan Platform in English

Just Giving Japan website
You can give donations of 1000yen and up to Peace Winds Japan

Find out about PWJ in E

Yahoo Volunteer has a fund for which they are taking donations  for Japan EQ relief


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