a new organziation to introduce you to: CRASH

A new org to me at least!
CRASH volunteers

some info from their site
Questions About Volunteering
 When can I go?
We will be ready for relief volunteers by early April.  We are prioritizing our resources and volunteers in a database and will contact you when we are prepared to place you.  (For teams overseas, it will likely be at least April before we are ready to receive you.)
How much time do I need to commit?
Because of the immensity of the need and the inefficiency created in constantly rotating volunteers, we are asking for a time commitment of at least two weeks.
What can I expect to be doing?
Teams will be largely involved in clean-up and rebuilding.  The needs of communities are varied, and our response depends on those needs.  We review all the information you send us and match our volunteers to the needs that arise.
Why haven't I heard from someone yet?
Our team has been in contact with a large number of potential volunteers in a small amount of time.  We are working hard to put infrastructure in place while we get our volunteers informed and ready.  All of our representatives are also volunteers, and we greatly appreciate your patience and prayers as we coordinate relief efforts.
What are weather and living conditions like?
Presently it is still late winter in Japan, and you can expect colder weather.  Spring and warmer weather is around the corner. However living conditions in work areas may be very primitive.
Is it safe for volunteers?
We are committed to sending our volunteers into safe areas.  Though conditions can change daily, safety for teams will always be our number one priority.  CRASH teams will not be doing search and rescue operations or be directed into dangerous situations.
How long will the opportunity be open for relief teams?
We foresee relief and rebuilding continuing for many months and even years


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