Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ECUADOR EARTHQUAKE donations and info sites #1


Help those in Ecuador

Kumamoto EQ - info post #2


【Yahoo! Fund】Emergency Fund for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes
Yahoo! JAPAN will make a donation equal to the amount you donate
(Upper limit for Yahoo! JAPAN’s donation matching your donation is 20 million yen)
Now accepting emergency funds http://donation.yahoo.co.jp/detail/1630023/

ANA- donate miles https://www.ana.co.jp/amc/news/info/201604/mileage-donation/ 

JAL charity mile campaign 日本航空JAL JALマイレージバンク - JALチャリティ・マイル

Kumamoto SWC/ DVC volunteer info 災害ボランティア情報(熊本県社会福祉協議会)

Emergency campaign for Earthquake victims in Kumamoto  http://japangiving.jp/p/3946

Japan rescue association http://www.japan-rescue.com/ 

遠野まごころネット【平成28年熊本地震】遠野まごころネットの対応につきまして(続報 4/16) | 遠野まごころネット

TOYOTA 通れた道マップ
Yahoo! 避難所マップ>熊本

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kumamoto EQ needs / support info #1

Japan Platform has started a fund to support NGOs working in Kumamoto

RSY asking for goods donations

Second Harvest Japan https://2hj.org/activity/report/report/2106.html

Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer  Center http://pbv.or.jp/donate/201604_kumamoto/

JEN http://www.jen-npo.org/jp/n/news/12073/

PWJ http://peace-winds.org/news/emergency/9663

Sites for Giving


◎平成28年熊本地震 災害義援金(赤い羽根募金)




◎Give One(熊本地震での被災者支援)



Disaster volunteer center info
全社協 被災地支援・災害ボランティア情報

volunteer platform


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Deep Japan Senpai

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Deep Japan

4 April, 2016

Senpai Zenkai:
Doing the Ginza Aster!

Over twenty-five Deep Japan senpai gathered at Tokyo's Ginza Aster last Monday to enjoy an evening of sampling several amazing Chinese dishes while learning about the history of not only the restaurant but also Ginza (did you know there was once also a "Kinza"?). In addition to the handful of regular participants, we also welcomed a record number of first timers. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made the night special - and our best Senpai Zenkai to date. You can read Ruth's post and senpai comments here.

A special thanks to Ginza Aster for making the night possible. All of us appreciate your exquisite food and warm hospitality!
April's Senpai Zenkai
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Sakura are in bloom!

Be sure to check out our new special Great Tips for Cherry Tree Sakura Hanami Viewing from Deep Japan section located in the rotating banner at the top of the page!

Senpai sarajean is producing a play as part of an international women's month campaign to raise awareness about gender and human rights. "SEVEN" tells the true stories of seven women who bravely fought for the well-being of women, families, and children around the globe.

Please join her in this celebration of hope in the face of adversity.
The documentary play takes place at the Sangubashi Trance Mission in Yoyogi, April 14-17 2016.

Click here for details.
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Exquisite French Dining in Yokohama by Lee Reeve
Recharge in Luxury at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo by Petra

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fundraising for NGOs: Practical Hints

(One-day Workshop) (PWW102-SP16)
Day/Time: Sat April 9 10-5pm
Location: TUJ Azabu campus https://www.tuj.ac.jp/cont-ed/maps/index.html

Course Details Apply for this Course

This workshop introduces the various ways NGOs raise funds and key fundraising issues. The workshop will concentrate on diverse funding sources and strategies. We will also look at particular case studies highlighting innovative fundraising techniques. The workshop will include a combination of lecture, discussion and group exercises with the expectation that each person will come out with some new ideas and plans. Participants will work in groups to create fundraising plans. Participants with diverse experience are welcome to join, but this workshop is not aimed at fundraising professionals as it is an introductory course.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Black Stripe Theater presents SEVEN, April 14-17 @ Sangubashi Trance Mission

Black Stripe Theater presents the
documentary play SEVEN
April 14-17, 2016

@ Trance Mission Theater

Director Rachel Walzer and producer Sarajean Rossitto bring to Tokyo the true stories of seven women who bravely fought for the well-being of women, families, and children around the globe: in Russia, protecting women from domestic violence; in Cambodia, rescuing girls from human trafficking; in Guatemala, giving a voice to the poor; in Afghanistan, empowering rural women; in Nigeria and Pakistan, fighting
for women’s education and rights; and in Northern Ireland, promoting peace and equality.

DIRECTOR: Rachel Walzer
Producer: Sarajean Rossitto
STARRING: Lise Hirooka, Louise Heal Kawai, Eigi Koh, Elena Lin, Reina,
and Arlene Dinglasan as the SEVEN plus an ensemble cast of
multi-talented artists.
A cast and crew of 30 persons from 16 countries come together to
celebrate the lives of women who have done more than survive great
difficulties but have become to be leaders of social change

April 14 (Thurs) 7:30pm
April  15 (Fri) 7:30pm
April  16 (Sat) 2:00pm & 7:30pm
April  17 (Sun) 2:00pm & 7:30pm

  3500 yen – for all reservations made before April 1
  4000 yen – for all reservations made from April 1
All profit from this show will be donated to Resilience,
(NPO法人レジリエンス、http://resilience.jp/) a nonprofit organization raising
awareness about domestic violence in Japan.
Reserve online and pay in cash at the door. Reserve your tickets here:

B1 Sangubashi Guest house Yoyogi 4-50-8, Shibuya-ku Tokyo,
Closest station: Sangubashi, Odakyu line
Map and link to theater site http://www.trance-mission.jp/access.html
*Trance Mission has a fully stocked bar - arrive early and enjoy the
original cocktail based on the show!
NOTE: Due to the themes and language no one under 15 will be admitted
into the theater.

About the Director
Rachel Walzer has performed and directed a continuous series of
performances, with such companies as Tokyo International Players,
Black Stripe Theatre, New World’s Theatre, Sometimes Y Theatre, Loose
Socks Theatre (Yokohama), Tokyo Comedy Store, Tokyo Theatre for
Children, Tamsit Educational Theatre Company (Jerusalem), independent
productions, and others.

From the Producer
After viewing a reading of SEVEN in Prague in 2014, Sarajean was
determined to bring dramatic performance of SEVEN to Tokyo. Marrying
her commitment to social justice and love of theatre, Sarajean decided
to make Tokyo part of the global 2016 campaign to raise awareness
about issues facing women in Japan as well as human rights violations
around the world.

SEVEN is based on interviews conducted with seven women activists and
was written by seven women playwrights - Paula Cizmar, Catherine
Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol K. Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deavere
Smith and Susan Yankowitz. SEVEN is presented with gratitude to Vital
Voices Global Partnership.

SEVEN is being performed as part of the global March to March, more
than 100 (possible) performances worldwide will spotlight
International Women’s Month. SEVEN aims to raise awareness about the
issues women face all around the world by telling the stories of real
women who have survived challenges and are helping better women’s
lives. SEVEN was developed with support from the Vital Voices Global

For media: seventheplaytokyo@gmail.com.
To confirm reservations: blackstripetheater@gmail.com
All ticket reservations must be made online.

About Black Stripe Theater: http://blackstripetheater.com/
About SEVEN, the women and the global awareness campaign:

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