More things you can donate

The Tagajyoshi Community Center is in dire need of daily living items for the  are 65,000 residents that have been directly affected by the earthquake and Tsunami. They are looking for massive donations (corporate support in particular) of the the items below -
・水 water
・毛布 blankets
・タオル towels
・米 rice
・ごみ用の大きなビニール large garbage bags
・たきだし用の袋 food bags
・マスク masks
・かぜ薬 cold medicine
・下着類 underwear
toilet paper

* Send send only new and unopened packages to the following address:
Chuo 2-1-1,  Tagajyo-shi,  Miyagi Prefecture 985-8531
〒985-8531宮城県多賀城市中央二丁目1-1* phone, internet and email are not working at this time!


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