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more notes from the Japan Fundraising Conference

Causebrand lab Nomura CRM  Cause related marketing in English Cause marketing in Japanese
CRM start: 1981 Amex card 2% donation=> 45% ^new card holders, card use 28% ^
Many people want to buy socially responsible products ( about 75% in Japan) *** but not available or  ** they do not know where to buy such items
Differentiation of org/company Quality Local 特徴
Standpoint Differentiation/sales points From the org/corp. basis OR product/org programs basis What makes you or what you do special or different? More effective more meaningful have a better impact
Short term (project or service basis) or long term campaign (org basis)  => clarify goals Goal setting and realistic plan is necessary Merits of the cause must be clear Identify with your target audience needs and interests Must understand: What they know what they do not know What they want to see happen
Events are not and end but an opportunity to do promotion for your cause and to get the for profit sector involved in supporting your org I.e…

more notes from the Japan Fundraising conference

Lunch session Sales force and then ACE on the use of salesforce database and data mgt products l How ACE uses the saelforce data base l Event info mgt l Supporter info l Schedule other info mgt? l Monthly supporter report l Personalizing what they send to supporters Shared schedule for staff volunteers and supporters
 * Salesforce does give a certain # of free software packages way each year in need of more IT support volunteers to help in Japanese
Success points Sales force support integral for set up Database allows for ongoing communications with diverse stakeholders - in different ways Systematic data entry and use PCM cycle basis Point person must be designated Include all info from name cards Event parts Donors Membership mgt

notes from the Japan Fundraising conference

Fundraising 日本 2011 日曜日 午前のセッション Notes from the session: How to make technology work for nonprofits

by Andrew Moseway (SP?), Blackbaud  staff
Database use for Fundraising in particular
ipad example Software solutions Tools to your advantage for what support for donors Application on iphone Save the Children Game for disaster relief Help to show what save the children actually does How to share what you do in a way appropriate for your audience – the tech gadget s they have and use
Bring it back to Japan It the Internet  - Implication for fundraisers Need to change way of seeing how to reach how to approach donors and supporters. How to change Donor profile 1.Read email  - little time per email 2.Busy 3.Comfortable getting info on line rather than in person 4.24/7 access 5.Share ideas and exp online 6.Expect personalized – customized 7.Expect response and interaction 8.Want to see things happen
Moving toward online virtual communication change in comm. Style Quick, anywhere anytime Personalized
Via new…

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