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~The Leadership Role of Women in Society~

Japan Women's leadership Initiative presents
~The Leadership Role of Women in Society~
The Time Has Come!NGOs can Change Society

Sunday 6/27 13:30~16:30(受付13:00~)
Center for the advancement of working women Hall, 4F
Tokyo Shiba 5-35-3
Access map
Cost: 500yen

Presentations and panel discussion (with translation)

○「The Role of NGOs and impact on American Society」 Paul Grougan, Boston University
○「Womens leadership in NGOs in the US」 Patricai Denton, Sommon College
○「日本のNGOの課題」   Akira Matsubara, C's  
Organized by the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Japan (BPW Japan)

June 27 event - The Leadership Role of Women in Society

~The Leadership Role of Women in Society~The Time Has ComeNGOs can Change Society
さまざまな波や壁にあたる現代、それを乗り越えるには、市民の力とその結集・・・NGOが社会を変える時代です。いま この変革の時期にあって、女性の指導力が求められています。参加費 500円東京開催2010年6月27日(日)13:30~16:30(受付13:00~)会場:女性と仕事の未来館4Fホール〒108-0014 東京都港区芝5-35-3 ℡03-5444-4151(代)http:/

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