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Ten Things for the Holidays Ten Things

An interesting article from the December 16, 2009 issue of The Nation on
things you can do to make a difference.
CONCEIVED by WALTER MOSLEY with research by Rae Gomes

Have an idea for 10 things? Let them know => Readers who wish to propose ideas for "Ten Things" should e-mail us at

Holiday giving guide on Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is a useful resource. An independent charity evaluator in the USA, they aim to promote a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace. By evaluating the financial status of 5,400+ of America's largest charities Charity Navigator helps gives donors access to info they can use for deciding where and how to give.

They have 6 useful tips for anyone thinking a bit about how and who to give to at this holiday time.

Seek out charities with capable leaders that are reasonably paid:Look for financially strong charities:Investigate the charity’s outcomes: Check for evidence of questionable ethical practices: Consider gifts to human services charities:
Trust your charity: besides explaining these points in more details they also offer resources for getting more information. no one wants to see their contributions go to waste!

2010 workshop series

Besides my TUJ (NGO mgt, Japansese nonprofit sector) and Tsuda (project mgt) workshops, I will be doing 4 workshops Jan-April 2010.
Most likely one Saturday each month - getting the space thing worked out.
1. making a new year's resolution: get involved this year!
(a new version of 2007's "Volunteer in Japan? Yes you can!")
2. fundraising events and volunteer mgt
3. why advocacy matters
4. educating the public is as important as our programming

What youth are doing: Free the children

On Dec 11 i went to a presentation that really moved me. To hear about 12year old kids starting a group to help other kids half way around the world who are victims of poverty and abuse and to hear how after 15 years of work they are doing was amazing. but maybe it is the passion of craig kielburger that was most inspiring. or just seeing all the kids in the audience wanting to do something!

Kids can do something to make a difference! Yes they can!
Free the children Japan
Slogan: children helping children through education
many poor children working as slaves in factories and farms all over the world
poverty cycle continues, kids can’t go to school
international projects, => adopt a village program, have brought over 500 schools and water projects to communities around the world.

Children take action to improve the lives of fellow children overseas.
Involving 10,000s of youth in the US, Japan and Canada.
Started by 12year old kids in Toronto in 1994
Children ta…

Dec 10 Step house article and a pic of us


Dec 10 Bonenkai presentation in E & J

these are not the same but similar talks.

Outline in English
On TV we see homeless men looking for work, men looking for shelter. But these are not places for women, places where there are only men. And its riskier for women to sleep outside, to be homeless. If they do it is likely that something tragic will happen.

Step House helps not only homeless women, but also women who are physically abused as long as they are over age 15.
Step house has only 18 rooms, and is almost always full. There some shelters that provide temporary shelter but women need more than that. At Step House women get support while getting medical treatment, while they are going through trial, assistance with getting a restraining order. They can stay with us while they get treatment for mental illnesses, get their lives back and are able to get back to work.
Let me share one story about a woman who came to us the other day. She lost her job, she can not pay for her apt anymore, shes already 2 or 3 months behind in pa…