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Nov 11 Seminar => What’s needed to end world poverty? Your voice!

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009
19:00 – 20:45

International Development Seminar #3:
What’s needed to end world poverty? Your voice!

Seminar contents:
Introduction to poverty in the world today, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and how you can get involved. (In Japanese)

Featuring: Masaki Inaba, Executive Director, GCAP Japan,
Facilitator: Sarajean Rossitto

Location: Tsuda College Sendagaya Campus, Tsuda Hall in front of Sendagaya Station
Fee: None it’s Free!
Limited to 50 people only up sign up to day!
To sign up, visit:
Run For The Cure
/Walk for Life

2009 pix
courtesy of Kathy

A record number of people joined 1500+wow wee!

issues that bug me #1

kiddie porn and prostitution
Although the bill may seem straightforward, the issue of possession criminalization is still contentious in Japan as there is concern about infringement of freedom of speech. Should the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prevention Law be passed as yet another law without remedy or penalty or enforcement mechanisms it may be proof that change may only be a facade and not of actual change.

Find out more about the issues:

Some factors about what might determine actual policy change under the new J Govt

There are diverse factors, external, internal, structural and social, that will influence the development of human rights policy and behavior.

The DPJ Manifesto prioritizes a shift in the power of balance between lawmakers and bureaucrats. The purpose would be to have lawmakers take both more responsibility and have more power over policy, whereas currently bureaucrats have strong power over the contents of bills and processes. This change may enable more policy transformation if the new lawmakers are up to the task. Since ministry bureaucrats have been in place over 10, 20 or more years and have weathered leader changes over the years, this power shift will be neither easy not swift.

The DPJ and its coalition partners include people from a wide spectrum for far right to far left. Although they were aligned in their opposition to the LDP, it does not mean they are in agreement on rights issues or policies

Under a DPJ-lead government, there is more space for civil society to have influenc…