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Thursday May 9, 7:00-10:00pm Spice up your Life

Thursday May 9, 7:00-10:00pm
FEW Monthly Meeting Theme: Spice up your Life!
Main speaker: Yukiko Matano Gray, President and Founder, Spice Rack Featuring Spices from Women’s Entrepreneur Group ‘Spice Rack’ * Maïa Manigilier, Creative Director exprime / maiagonomi
* Sonoko Ishii, Jewelry Designer, snowcone & vamp.
FULL DETAILS BELOW Location:Wesley Center, 2F, 6-10-11 Minami Aoyama, Tokyo Map and access info: Fee:Members ¥3,000  Guests (women only)  ¥5,000 – includes Drinks and dinner buffet RSVP: Please be sure to email Bethan at to secure your seat! FEW monthly events are only open to women – members and non-members from every background and nationality.
Main speaker Yukiko Matano Gray, Founder, Spice Rack  Yuki was brought up in New York and Hong Kong. After graduating from high school, she completed a…

PlaNet Finance Forum September 24 to 27

The PlaNet Finance Group launched on September 13 & 14, 2012 in Le Havre city, France, the first edition of the LH Forum, the sole international conference dedicated to the positive economy that matters, under the high patronage of the French Presidency with the participation of President François Hollande. The LH Forum aims at promoting the development of an economic activity that is meaningful to every man and woman and this is respectful of the planet.
In 2013, the LH Forum will be held once again in Le Havre city from September 24 to 27. It will be built around key topics related to the positive economy and organized around the three following pillars:

The Planet : for all issues related to the environment, the planet, its resources, its preservation +
The Human being : for all issues related to the management of the social dimension, governance, balance of power, the role of the human being in the organization and economy +
The Planet & the Human being : for all issues rela…

Give2Asia Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013

Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013

Support Local Relief & Recovery Efforts
Help earthquake-affected communities in Sichuan Province by supporting the local organizations that know them best.

Learn more about the Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013 at

Ninety-three percent of your donation will go directly to support local organizations engaged in community relief and recovery. Make a gift today.

How We Help in Times of

Give2Asia works with local communities
in 23 countries across Asia and has responded to 35 disasters since 2001.
We believe in:

Recovery, Not Just Relief
We make a long-term commitment
to disaster recovery

Minimizing Damage
We seek opportunities to invest
in disaster preparedness

Smarter Giving
We report back to donors on every dollar they give.

I want to support local organizations responding to the Sichuan Earthquake.

Thank you!
OTHER WAYS TO GIVE: Make a donation by check, …

4/23(火) JFRAボランティアデーに参加してみませんか?

┃4/23(火) JFRAボランティアデーに参加してみませんか?



日時: 2013年4月23日(火)19:00-20:30
場所: JFRA事務局




東京都港区新橋4‐24-10 アソルティ新橋302号
電話:03-6809-2590 FAX:03-6809-2591

Nagoya Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life 2013

Run for the Cure® Foundation launched its first Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life outside Tokyo last year in Nozawa-onsenmura. In order to raise awareness about breast cancer all across the nation, the Foundation will organize its second Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life on Saturday, June 15th, in Nagoya. The sign-up starts today, April 19 (Fri.), at 5:00 p.m. Let's raise awareness together and make a difference! Click here for more information and the sign-up. The Foundation is also looking for volunteers who can help organize the event, photographers and videographers. Please contact Kiei at for further information. 昨年より野沢温泉村からスタートした東京都外での
6月15日(土)に名古屋で開催します。 登録は本日4月19日(金)午後5時より開始します。
詳細とお申し込みはこちらから。 また、当団体ではイベントにご協力頂けるボランティアの方、フォトグラファー及びビデオグラファーの方を募集しています。ご興味のある方は緒方(までご連絡ください。

The Future of NGO Studies Conference Presented by: Northern Illinois University's Center for NGO
Leadership and DevelopmentCo-sponsored by: DePaul University's Irwin W. Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning, Anthropology Department, School of Public Service, and International Public Service November 19-20, 2013
DePaul University Downtown Campus
Chicago, Illinois 
Please visit the new conference website for latest information about the
program, participants, and logistics.

The conference planning committee is open to all who are interested.  If
you would like to get involved, please email me (offline).

Amanda Lashaw

Beyond social investment

starting thinking of grants as most than social investments.

米国の財団界では、プログラム関連投資(program related investment)、
ミッション関連投資(mission related investment)といった、財産の投資/運用を通じた社会貢献の手法が注目されているという。

プログラム関連投資(program related investment)
ミッション関連投資(mission related investment)

USJC Japan Week

U.S.-Japan Council 2013 Japan Symposium in Tokyo, The Next Generation: Investing in the Future of Japan and the U.S.  
Tuesday, May 28th, 2013
2:00 - 5:00pm (Symposium) & 5:30 - 7:30pm (Reception)
Roppongi Academy Hills – Tokyo
Map: The symposium is part of USJC Japan Week 2013. Other events include:
Monday, May 27: USJC/American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) Women in Business Summit (12:00-5:15pm)
Venue: Tokyo American Club
Wednesday, May 29: NPO Summit - Investing in the Future of Japan through Non-profit Organizations (9:30am - 12:30pm)
Venue: JP Morgan Tokyo Building


◆日 時:3日間のプログラムです
◆会 場:統合共育研究所 藤が丘オフィス セミナールーム
(東急田園都市線 藤が丘駅から徒歩4分)
◆対 象:
(一般)           189,000円
(メンター有資格者)     170,100円
◆講 師:大野雅之  統合共育研究所所長
◆定員: 各4名まで (4月27日からのコースは残席1となっています)
メンター養成講座 基礎編
◆日時:2013年4月18日(木)・2013年5月23日(木) 9時30分~18時…

5 points for grant writing - part #1 Show clear needs、明確なニーズ

最初のポイントは Show clear needs、明確なニーズです。 プログラムの明確な必要性です。
最初は、プロジェクトが問題にキチンと対応しているのか?ということです。 一般的な問題ではなく、もっと問題を特定し、 具体的に説明することが大切です。
3つ目は、どのようなニーズ・アセスメントを行ったか? また、ニーズを示すデータはありますか?ということです。
このような、あまりにも一般的で、大きな問題は、 1つのNPOで解決することは、 大変難しいと思います。
しかし、このような一般的な問題の中には、 多くの具体的な問題があるので、 その中の一つを取り上げて、 説明すると良いと思います。
そして、プロジェクトは、助成期間の中で、 1つの具体的な問題点に集中することが良いと思います。
助成金の申請書には “背景”や“コンテキスト“の質問があります。 多くのnpoは、何ページも、細かい情報を書きますが、

'Whither Goes Corporate Governance, Goes the Future of Civilization' on Green Mondays!

'Whither Goes Corporate Governance, Goes the Future of Civilization' on Green Mondays!
We hope to see you on April 22nd!

Time: April 22, 2013 from 6:30pm to 9pm
Location: 21st Century Club, 10th floor Shin Maru Building
Organized By: Patricia Bader-Johnston

Event Description:

You may not think about it every day, but the future of mankind depends on how much we can improve corporate governance. Private corporations, as entities that anyone can set up with a simple registration procedure, have only existed for a bit more than 150 years. During that short time they have enabled larger and larger funds to be raised, thereby making possible mass production, cost reductions, and wonderful, beneficial new products for us all to enjoy. They have literally transformed our world.  But the huge fund-raising power of soul-less corporations with “limited liability” is arguably a double-edged sword leading to larger and more frequent cases of massive risk externali…

Job opening: Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinator

Run for the Cure Foundation salary about 300,000 but will commensurate with experiencenative English and high level Japanese Our sponsors are global major players of all industries. We seek some one who can expand our relationships and build new ones.

This is your chance to work in the NPO field and introduce to companies the importance of CSR.
We are looking for an ambitious and forward thinking Marketing person. Good research skills and the ability to work to set targets are a must!
◆ Take the lead on all awareness initiatives and marketing for existing and new projects and events
◆ Reporting to the Founder, you will have a high degree of autonomy to creatively drive awareness and cultivate new sponsors

---Required Skills:
◆ Marketing degree a plus
◆ Experience in PR or related fields an asset
◆ Excellent communication skills in English and Japanese, both written and verbal
◆ Outgoing
◆ Understanding of social and digital media communications
◆ Ability to create and deliver c…
シリーズ格差社会と女性 開催のお知らせ



(1)4月13日 (2)5月18日 (3)6月22日 いずれも土曜日 13:15~16:30


【お申込・お問合わせ】Tel 045-862-5052

(1) 4月13日(土) 「日本社会で「女性」はどこにいるか?」
講師 皆川満寿美

(2) 5月18日(土) 「働きづらさに悩む”ガールズ(若年無業女性)”支援の現場から」
講師 (公財)横浜市男女共同参画推進協会職員 小園弥生・植野ルナ

(3) 6月22日(土)「だれもが包摂される社会をめざして」
講師 皆川満寿美

from Run for the Cure® Foundation

Lemon Project Has Begun! We are delighted to announce that Run for the Cure® Foundation has started a new awareness program, the Lemon Project, in cooperation with Worldwide Breast Cancer. What can you learn from the lemons in the image below? Please click here to find out more about how lemons can help you recognize the signs of breast cancer during self-diagnosis! レモンプロジェクト始動開始! ラン・フォー・ザ・キュア・ファンデーションはアウェアネス向上のため、Worldwide Breast Cancerと協力の上、新たなプログラム「レモンプロジェクト」を開始しました。イメージの中のレモンからどんなことがわかるのでしょうか? 自己検診をするときにみる乳がんのサインを知るためにレモンがどのように役立つのかこちらをクリックして見てみましょう! ©2013 Run for the Cure® Foundation | West Park Osaki 6F, 3-6-28 Osaki Shinagawa Tokyo 141-0032 Tel: +81-3-6420-0860 Fax: This email was sent to To ensure that you continue receiving our emails, please add us to your address book or safe list. View this email on the web here. …

Upcoming FEW monthly meetings

April 11: Caroline Pover: 
Publishing "Love with a Western Woman"
Caroline Pover will talk about some of her adventures in writing and publishing books and magazines. The talk will provide information and inspiration to any budding authors, editors, journalists, publishers, or entrepreneurs.Caroline will have just returned from spending two months in Tohoku, and will also give us an update on her activities there, including the fisherwomen on Oshika — the Pink Ladies — that FEW raised money for last year. Full details here: ‎ Date: Thursday April 11, 7:00-10:00
Location: Wesley Center, 2F, 6-10-11 Minami Aoyama, Tokyo
Map and access info:
Members 3000 yen, and guests 5000 yen
includes speaker event, one on one networking, dinner, drinks and one hour additional networking time. Please rsvp to to save your spot! Upcoming Meetings May June and Ju…

7 Reasons Your Grant Proposals Are Being Rejected

I got this info from the Foundation Center's mailing list
Tired of not getting that grant?
7 Reasons Your Grant Proposals Are Being Rejected
You don't write for your audience.You aren't proofreading enough.You aren't thorough enough.Your proposal contains too much fluff.You have a goal but no plan.You aren't providing enough data.You are using unreasonable budgets.See the full article here 

Italian Chamber of commerce event on Urban Sustainability