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December workshops

Community Organizing for Social Change (One-day Workshop)COS101      Dec 3rdSaturday 10:00-17:00

COS 101 is a skills-based intensive workshop based on methods used to get ordinary people involved in their communities. After a review of background and history of community organizing, the workshop will focus on methods and specific steps for issue, network, strategy and plan development. This will be done in a workshop format with presentation discussion and group work. It is open to everyone who wants to get more involved in their community.
This course applies to the following certificate(s): NGO Management
Volunteer Management (One-day Workshop)VMT101Dec  10thSaturday 10:00-17:00
In this workshop we will review the whole cycle of volunteer management - needs assessment organizational policy, job description design, recruitment/input, orientation and training, monitoring, motivation and retention as well as the challenges we face. This workshop will include a combination of lec…

パネルディスカッション: 「東北における事業復興への取り組み」2011年11月16日(水曜日) 19:00~20:50

津田塾大学オープンスクールの国際機関・国際協力分野志望者研修プログラムの一環として、 2011年度第3回「国際開発と現場をつなぐInternational Development Seminar」を開催します。このセミナーでは国際開発・協力の課題など、現場のニーズに即した知識の習得を目的としています。セミナーはワークショップ形式で行います。
2011年度第3回 国際開発と現場をつなぐInternational Development Seminar
パネルディスカッション: テーマ: 「東北における事業復興への取り組み」
1.井上 禮子 特定非営利活動法人 パルシック(PARCIC) PARC Interpeoples' Cooperation / 代表理事
2. 山内 幸治
特定非営利活動法人エティック(ETIC)/ 事業統括ディレクター

3. 松田 曜子
特定非営利活動法人レスキューストックヤード / 事務局長

モデレーター:Sarajean Rossitto(津田塾大学オープンスクールインストラクター) 日時:2011年11月16日(水曜日) 19:00~20:50
事前予約必要 (定員50名)

Int''l anti-nuclear conference to be held in Japan

first found on Tokyo, Sep 13 (

taken from Kyodo

An international conference calling for the
elimination of nuclear power generation in the wake of the crisis at
the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan will be held by NGOs in
January next year. Environmental groups from across the world as well
as residents of Fukushima Prefecture who have been forced out of their
homes due to radioactive contamination will be invited as guests to
the meeting scheduled in Yokohama on January 14 to 15, 2012, NGO
representative said Monday. Policy recommendations for Japan and the
rest of the world toward phasing out nuclear power will be drawn up as
part of the conference, they said. "We hope to work with governments
that have been inclined toward the abolition of nuclear power
generation to influence Japan's (energy) policy," representative
Tatsuya Yoshioka of NGO Peace Boat said. Greenpeace Japan and the
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center will be among the other groups
involved …

TUJ student quoted in OCCUPY TOKYO article

On Sat. there were OccupyJapan demonstrations, which was covered by most media, including the New York Times.  They quoted  one of our TUJ students who had
worked in support of the Embassy NGO event we did in July. 

See the story here:

東日本大震災復興支援基金について Give 2 Asia Japan info in Japanese

Give 2 Asia now has a 1 page introduction about the Japan disaster relief and recovery fund in Japanese
 There are also downloads on the process and application materials

Give to Asia has decided to set a series of deadlines for new project introductions and grant applications. The deadline for the next round will be November 1. G2A will only be making grants related to recovery and redevelopment efforts. If your organization would like to apply in this round please let me know. 

We will be following the standard G2A process: 1.Submit a 2-4 page project outline/introduction 2.G2A follows-up within 2 weeks with comments and questions consultation with the local adviser (me) organizations respond and add more information 4.Depending on the responses the US staff will determine if the project matches G2A criteria and if a full application should be submitted to the Board.

Article comparing Kobe and Tohoku Disasters

Interesting article - Some of this is very obvious ... but interesting to think about tit all form the crisis mgt standpoint
Crisis Management in the Aftermath of 3/11 A Comparison with Kobe

global festa

First time in years - more than 6 for sure maybe more
that i have not gone.
hope you take time to go!

GLOBAL FESTA 2011 2011 theme "Bonds: The world with Japan. Japan with the world.” meet people from many NGOs, international development agencies and embassies while enjoying a bit of chicken curry! Place: Hibya Park, Tokyo Find out more