Tohoku Support Activities, May 2 to May 5

Tohoku Support Activities, May 2 to May 5
Friendship and Fund-raising:

    * Help us raise hundred (thousands?!!) of Koi Nobori with messages dedicated to children  in emergency shelters
    * Performances in Zonohana Park
    * Fashion Show - featuring special designs by Jessica Rodriguez of Peru
    * Booths featuring fund-raising sales of T-shirts and organic products
    * Sidewalk art

Dates: May 3/4/5, 2011

Location:  Yokohama Minato Mirai district “Zonohana Koen”


    * 10 am through 3 pm on May 3rd and 4th
    * 10 am through 6 pm on May 5th

Booths will be set up throughout the 3 day outdoor event offering a variety of educational exhibits, fund-raising activities and entertainment for children.

Funds raised will be donated to Hope International Development Agency relief efforts and community rebuilding initiatives aligned with the 5ivePlanets mandate, as well as local “Schools Building Schools” projects in Tohoku.


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