May 5th (Thursday) fundraiser

Friends are planning an event to raise money for those up north!
This is going to be in conjunction with the Japanese Whisky Association and you will be able to try some amazing whiskey! Here is what we are sending our friends:
Please forward to any person who you think might enjoy the night.


Rare single cask whiskies + hidden Tokyo bar + Tohoku relief
Here's the deal: We go to a cool hidden bar on the University of Tokyo's main campus, they sell us shots of their rare single cask whiskies at up to half the normal price, and 50% of the takings go to Tohoku.

The whisky:
The drinks will be from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, a 30,000 member society which bottles exceptional single cask whiskies and sells only to its members. Usually, you'll pay around 1,600 to 2,400 yen for a shot, but for this event, everything will be 1,000 yen, and 500 yen of that will go to Tohoku relief. The Japanese branch of the Society has also agreed to dig out some very special bottles from its vaults for this night, so this will be exceptional value. Since non-members can't usually buy SMWS bottles, it's a great chance to try some very exclusive malts.

The venue:
Picture a typical university campus bar. The University of Tokyo's hidden bar S is the opposite of that. It's the sister of a very fancy Ginza bar, is decked out in expensive wood, staffed by master bartenders, and is the best-kept secret on the Tokyo drinking scene.

The organization:
All entry fees and 50% of the bar revenue will go to SHARE, a Japan-based medical charity that is sending doctors, nurses and medicines to Tohoku. See and and then come and have a drink.

The details:

May 5th (Thursday)
500 yen entrance
University of Tokyo (In the Agriculture dept of the University of Tokyo's main campus:



The whisky:
今回ご提供するウィスキーは、Scotch Malt Whisky Societyが厳選した最高級のシングルカスクです。

Scotch Malt Whisky Societyは本場スコットランドに本部を置き、世界14か国の支部に3万人以上の 会員をもつウィスキー愛飲家の団体です。

通常 1,600~2,000円(ワンショット)のウィスキーを、このイベントでは全て1,000円(ワンショット)でお 楽しみいただけます。 このうち500円は東北地方への復興支援金となります。


The venue:

The charity:
入場料とお飲物代の50%は、東北地方への医療サ ポートを行なっている日本のNGO "SHARE" に寄付されます。 

参考URL (Japanese)

The details:
場所: S University of Tokyo  (東京大学農学部構内)


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