OGA for Aid

OGA for Aid
OGA for Aid
OGA for Aid was born from the spontaneous desire of our personal family to take action and contribute to help those affected by the recent Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. In response to the Earthquake and Tsunami crisis, we at OGA for Aid have organized and set up a donation center in Aomori, Japan to accepted donated goods which we are distributing to those in need.

Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Aid 

OGA International School is a non religiously affiliated school that has organized and set up a donation center at our school site. We are asking anyone and everyone to help us help these desperate people and to dedicate our energy in making a difference where we can.

Address: OGA International School
1-10-7 Yasukata Aomori City
017 776 0911
Email: ogaforaid@gmail.com

Things You Can Help With:
Latest Needs List:
Latest requests straight from the field. This list is constantly changing. Please take one item and donate what you can. Or take more and do even more. Please remember that all items must be new.Drinks: Instant Coffee, Tea all typesFood: Canned Fish, Vegetables, Eggs, Miso,Condiments: Soy sauce, Mirin, Cooking Sake, Salt / Pepper etc. CharcoalTights + Stockings +SocksLaundry Soap + Drain CleanerShampoo + Conditioner + Soap + ToothbrushesTissue Kids BooksLaundry HangersWoman’s Products: Bras, Panties, Period Panties, Pet FoodRubber GlovesRubber Boots


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