Living Dreams supports the children in tohoku and needs your financial support

Living Dreams ( supports children's homes (orphanages) in the Tokyo area--and since 2008, they've been providing enriching and empowering programs to 33 homes (1600 children).

In light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan, Living Dreams has teamed up with Smile Kids Japan ( to launch a very special 12 month+ project to support new orphans and affected orphanages in the Tohoku region. 

On April 1st (EST), our project, after undergoing strict due diligence, was accepted onto the GlobalGiving site.
We now have exactly 30 days to raise a minimum of US$4000 in order to remain on GlobalGiving permanently and continue to raise funds - US$4000 must be raised by April 30. 
They are looking to  families, friends and colleagues around the globe to help support our effort in any way possible. Donations start at just $10. This is an amazing opportunity for Living Dreams and Smile Kids Japan--but more importantly will bring needed support to the children of the Tohoku region. 

To view project and full details on GlobalGiving:


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