Upcoming tohoku related Activities & Events

  • International Symposium: Ecosystem-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (Japanese Ministry of Environment, UNU-ISP, IUCN )
    November 12, 2013, Tokyo, Japan
    Experts from Japan who have been working on reconstruction after the 3/11 earthquake will share their knowledge on this important and inexpensive—but often forgotten—approach of ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction.

  • Seminar: On Fukushima and the Nuclear Accident (Japan Medical Society of America (JMSA), Nippon Club)
    November 15, 2013, New York
    Former governor of Fukushima prefecture, Eisaku Sato, will discuss the various issues surrounding the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and the future of Japan’s nuclear energy. This seminar is conducted only in Japanese.

  • Seminar: "Strengthening International NGO Partnerships on Disaster Responses: Lessons from 3/11" (JCIE, JANIC, & Japan Platform)
    November 19, 2013, Tokyo
    For more information, contact JCIE at kkawauchi@jcie.org.
  • Please forward any announcements, RFPs, or other information that you believe would be appropriate for this newsletter to Kaede Kawauchi  <kkawauchi@jcie.org>.The publication of this newsletter is made possible by the support of The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership as part of the program to facilitate collaboration between groups in Japan and the United States undertaking disaster recovery initiatives in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake.


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