Civicus tool kits #1 - Stakeholder Surveys

PG Exchange is an initiative of CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. The website is a part of CIVICUS’ work on increasing the influence of citizens and civil society organisations in governance processes.  
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Author: Manjunath Sadashiva, CIVICUS
Stakeholder surveys are a questionnaire-based quantitative tool, most often used by projects or organisations to increase their understanding of the knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, interests and experiences of their stakeholders – both internal and external. Findings are used to make improvements in the delivery of prgrammes and/or services. Stakeholder surveys differ from other monitoring and evaluation tools in that they are not
restricted to the direct clients/users of a given service but also include a wide range of individuals and organizations that have a variety of stakes in the organization’s services. Stakeholder surveys can be very helpful in generating critical information required for performance management and for creating and sustaining organizational change.


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