Launch party for Pangea Seed Japan July 14

Launch party for the new sea conservation NGO Pangea Seed Japan

July 14, 3pm to 2am
@ Gamuso in Asagaya


PSJ’s mission is to contribute to the protection of sharks, our oceans and marine life by undertaking actions that encourage environmental activism and sustainable consumption choices. Our vision is of a future where our oceans are alive and the creatures living in the m thrive.

PSJ is a Japan-based non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation working together with creative individuals and groups towards a common goal of positive education about sharks and marine life. Through artivism, events, educational talks and campaigns we work to create a change within the community and develop an understanding of the need to preserve and protect the world’s oceans.

Artivism |ˈärtəˌvizəm| – An explosion of creativity and a marriage of art and activism. We believe that art, design and new media can transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries inspiring positive global change. PangeaSeed collaborates with today’s most influential creative minds to help give the oceans the voice they so desperately need.
Japan Director Pania Lincoln is enthusiastic about the launch and forthcoming activities from the NGO: “PangeaSeed Japan’s launch coinciding with “Ocean Day” in Japan gives us all an opportunity to reflect upon our relationship with the sea. The launch event will not only be a chance for those attending to enjoy the wealth of live music Tokyo has to offer, but also to come away more enlightened and informed about the plight of sharks and the current state of the world’s oceans. We hope both this and future events will help contribute to a rising movement both around the world and in Japan against the slaughter of sharks for their fins.”
Get more information about the group and the event here:


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