Future Polaris seminars!

July’s seminar.
     Along with a report on out activities for our Akari project supporters, this year we will be holding our second “Introduction to Human Trafficking” seminar. Here we will answer many, and any, questions you might have.
  For example:
 ・What is human trafficking? Does human trafficking actually occur in Japan?
 ・Might not child prostitution somehow be the child’s fault?
 ・So, what kind of work does Polaris Project Japan do?
 ・How can you stop human trafficking?
 ・What can I do to help? How can I learn more?

     Our last seminar was a success with many attendees from the media, university students, businessmen and Akari project supporters. Since many of our participants are coming for the first time, we think this time will also be a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about these important issues. We hope that everyone who can will join us. We look forward to seeing you all!

Tuesday, 30 July Activity Briefing 19:3020:30 (doors open 19:00)
Eiji Press Lab conference room
The conference will be followed by an opportunity to exchange views at a post-conference colloquium
< Cost*>: Conference 1,000yen
              Conference and post-conference colloquium 1,500yen
*There is no charge for AKARI supporters for attending the conference.

If you would like to come along and offer your support, please register your attendance by clicking here (in Japanese)

*  Two-day Course on Human Trafficking and Victims Aid
   We will be holding a course comprised of two days of lectures on the aid and rescue of human trafficking victims with a special focus on the support child victims of prostitution and child pornography.
  Through these lectures we will educate participants on how to aid and rescue child victims of human trafficking they may encounter. We do so in the hope of a better society that does not let these victims fall through the cracks.
   We have assembled a wonderful group of speakers, and thanks to the largess of the Nikkoso Foundation for Safe Society, we can offer these lectures to the public for a third of the usual fee. Anyone who is interested in aiding child victims please attend!

Saturday, 24 August, 9:0017:00
              Sunday, 25 August, 9:0017:00
< Cost> 8,000 yen (for 2 days)

Since the amount of seat available is limited, we will begin taking reservations from the general public from July 22nd.


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