JSRPD training for leaders with disabilities

I just finished another training with JSRPD for the JICA’s leadership training program. This program aims to equipe people with disabilities with some basic skills to make a change in their communities. (Maybe this is more of my agenda - also the aim is to how how wonderful things are in Japan.)

This year we had another great group of people. On Nov 2 we focused all day on how to write an action plan. Then on Nov 8 we reviewed plans and I went over areas of concern. In the afternoon we focused on how to present the action plan. Then on Nov. 13 - I reviewed everyone’s narrative draft while they practiced the presentations.

Some excellent ideas and plans for action were generated. These included developing employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Chile, Zimbabwe, and Nepal, with the aim of financial independence. Sports programs for youth with disabilities in Honduras and Yemen aim for both social integration and health – mental and physical promotion. Other action plans focused on education (Cameroon) personal assistants training (Costa Rica) and creating independent living centers (Laos).

This program is very inspiring – everyone starts out with a bunch of ideas – saying they can not do just one and then as we focus them on writing out one plan … they realize the complexities of running a good project and the necessity for doing one well in order to create a base for others.
If half of the people can follow through – there would be changes for persons with disabilities who would become more active and visible parts of their communities.

Nakatani and Baba do a great job each year - you cna find out more by looking at the JICa friends website:


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