Darwin's Nightmare

This movie was very intense and seeing it a second time was very good for understanding more details. But I still feel a bit lost. I am not sure what we can do. Unlike Invisible Children, which seems far away but a more concrete problem. but the problems are so huge - where is the iriguchi to making a change?

We talked about contacting heads of airlines and requesting they start an inquiry in to where the fish they use comes from. It might take time and lots of voices before there is any response but I think there is some way to push the envelop on this. just like they do with sports clothing companies.

Most poignant comments to me were about developed countries allowing conflict to go on and that this helps business. But this was not just in reference to arms or fish but also to the humanitarian aids business becoming such a big business. These emergencies allow UN jobs to flourish … hmmm what do you think? Makes sense to some degree.

Find out more at www.darwinsnightmare.com
Other sites that have some interesting info on the nile perch and the local situation:
Data on the exporting of the fish:

there are lots of other sites with info --- but none i found with a "this is what we need to do" focal point.

These movies made me feel a bit hopeless. maybe it was my mood.

…My afternoon was a nightmare. It was a definite bad omen that I was caught in computer trouble most of the after noon before the event. I allowed myself to lose sight of things. So we had visual and color problems. My own fault. Loose cable … made everything purple. Then I realized the sound was not enough since the group next door was quite loud. I forget not everyone listens at volume level of 2 like we do.


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