Japan 3/11 Disaster Recovery Events & News from JCIE

Upcoming Activities & Events
  • Conference: 7th Joint International Symposium on Disaster Risk Management (WFEO, JFES, AIJ, JSCE)
    September 5, 2013, Chiba, Japan
    Participants from around the globe will discuss disaster restoration, mitigation methods, and prevention plans for future disasters based upon experiences of organizations involved in the disaster relief and recovery worldwide.
  • Training Course: 8th International Training Programme on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage (Ritsumeikan University)
    September 7–21, 2013, Kyoto, Japan
    A select number of academics, policymakers, and NGO leaders representing countries from around the globe will attend this training course to explore the necessary measures to mitigate risks to cultural heritage in the case of natural disasters, especially in the rapidly urbanizing areas of developing countries. There will be a special workshop on Japan’s 3/11 earthquake and tsunami.
  • Roundtable: Deriving Lessons from the Tohoku Disaster for Japan’s Future (Furiai NIPPON)
    September 11, 2013, Sendai, Japan
    Representatives from NGOs, academia, businesses, and foundations who are involved with the recovery process in the disaster zones will discuss how different sectors can collaborate with one another to better tackle the issues at hand including community building, tourism, education, and child care.


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