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"My message to other parents is that they should not think of marrying their daughters at a young age, girls should go to school. I don’t want any girl to suffer as I did. Girls should be educated in order to be able to live happily and in dignity." - Wafa, 11-year-old child bride, Yemen

Recent coverage in the press has highlighted the issue of child marriage in Yemen and underscored the devastating impact the practice can have on girls. In a promising new development, however, Yemeni Human Rights Minister Hooria Mashhour has requested the reintroduction of the 2009 parliamentary bill that would effectively ban child marriages in the country.

Please join Equality Now and our partner, Yemen Women’s Union, in support of the Minister by calling on the Government of Yemen to make the rights of women and girls a priority, to pass and enforce a law prohibiting child marriage, and to ensure the safety and human rights of child brides who have ended their marriages.


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