Another group in need of your support!

'Hahako' is a community-based, civilian group that offers pregnant women, parents, and children a safe evacuation from the disaster area. They're looking for people or groups who want to offer the victims a safe place to stay temporarily or long term--a free room or room rental, either public or private.

The website is in Japanese only at the moment, but the registration form will be soon shown in English too. If you have any question about hahako, feel free to send me a message. I'll do my best to answer.
母子疎開支援ネットワーク「hahako」・・・ 一人でも多くの赤ちゃんお母さん妊婦さんたちを安全な場所に! 民間での受入れ情報、空き家や廃校、個人団体といません、一時or長期受入れ可能な情報お待ちしています。右の【求)受入れ情報はコチラから】よりお寄せください。


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