3 concerns about Tohoku: PART 1 Season issues

Three concerns I have now about where we are going in Tohoku
 PART 1. 
Seasonal issues or the issues we must face if we are to be effective in spring - rainy season and summer

Rainy season is almost upon us. Rainy season brings with many other issues to deal with and how we address them as  a society and as individuals will be important in determining future outcomes and social impacts.

A. landslides: 
"Landslides are a threat to at least 210 evacuation centers in the three prefectures most affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, a government land study has found."  Read more in English  http://www.asahi.com/english/TKY201105240132.html

NGOs and community groups need to know the status of the places they work in order to adequately help people and prepare volunteers.

A. health issues such as infectious disease and food poisoning. Infectious illnesses just pass more easily and hence the recent concerns over outbreaks.
Now that it is getting warmer - the lack of refrigeration and proper cleaning of all items used in food preparation will b become a bigger issue.  

There is also a concern that rats and insects may be pass disease if left to breed.  Sprays for volunteers like the right masks and gloves will have to become standard procedure.

Then there is just the personal hygiene issues like clothes washing, baths etc.

A side concern:
“silent death” those who die from indirect causes will not be officially listed which means that their surviving family members are not eligible for financial support from the government.

how we can help people more effectively in rainy season and through summer will have a great impact on the future.


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