Take the 12,000yen and give it to those in need!

The Japanese government stimulus plan idea of giving 12,000yen to us all is all fluff
=> what is the difference between putting this and putting 10,000 in an onigiri?

The government plan is neither strategic nor needs-based. This is our tax money so why not insist it be used responsibly to help those in the most need? othewise it seems like vote buying? Is it because those in the most need are less likely to vote in the upcoming elections?

"All Japanese residents who are listed in the citizen resident registry and all foreigners who have applied to the foreign resident registry as of Feb. 1 will be eligible."

I have read some really silly articles about how to best waste the government funds ... give me a break!

The 12,000yen should go to those most affected by the economic downturn. Sure we are all happy to have an extra 12,000yen in our pockets, but such a policy should focus on those who are out of work and possibly out of a home.

But you can make a difference => go to get your 12,000yen and instead of going out for dinner => donate it to those in dire straights!

Donate it to a person => maybe you see that homeless elderly woman by Jingu Gaien every morning when you go jogging around the park?

Donate it to an organization that help those in need. Some of my suggestions are pasted below (Please note: none of them have asked for this support but I am sure they could use it!)

Second Harvest Japan - assisting those in need of food: elders, orphans, single mothers, and the homeless.

Sanyukai - helping the homeless

The Big Issue Foundation:

Or just buy 12,000yen worth of mags from a homeless person selling the Big Issue!

Of give to a group that is helping those in the most dire of situations overseas:
AIDS orphans, the hungry, victims of sexual violence in conflict ... if you need some ideas just drop me a line.

Those of us in the middle can not lie to ourselves about what a need we have when we know that 12,000 will not really change our lives. There are people for whom this will mean the difference between eating or not, between having a place to sleep or not.

We can enjoy that extra little perk or make our tax money effective and meaningful.
You decide what is best for conscience.


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