What to do with your 12,000 "tax gift" from the the Government

I recently read in the Asahi about the nonprofit organization sodateage net 育て上げネット。
in Japanese http://www.asahi.com/job/news/TKY200907230057.html
in English http://www.asahi.com/english/Herald-asahi/TKY200908190089.html

they have a number of useful programs for youth that are out of work and looking for jobs. they do career counseling, training for interviews and rent interview clothing. http://www.sodateage.net/index.html

they have a campaign to get 1000 suit by the end of the year. but they need not only suits but white shirts, blouses, belts, and business shoes. Get more info about

Recycled-Suits for Youth Project


Also - you can just become a member .... use that 12,000yen the government gave you to better the economy by contributing it to those in the most need.


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