Nov 14, 2009 Pres Obama in Japan

A group of us were lucky not only the see and hear pres. Obama in person today but we also got great seats. thanks to both people at the embassy and Mike getting there at 6am!

We were moved and inspired by Pres. Obama today - he is terribly charismatic and shines most when he smiles.

It is great to have someone with a community organizer background in the WH. It is up to us to move him to take the actions we want. There is so much to do to make the world a better place.

I still have not downloaded my pix but here are a few. thie first one by John H and the second by Greg I.

Many more pix and vids have been posted on FB but for those of you not on FB --- here you go!


Look for the crazy people standing up right away - that is how close we were:


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