guns and friends

one of the reasons i stopped posting is my strong feelings about things and the scary reactions i get. yes this is not a high hit blog but there are scary people in the world and as long as they do not know me i guess i am okay.

tonight i have 2 notes - 1 good - 1 bad, not really bad!

the good i will have time to post when more later about but FINALLY Lindsey Ann Hawker's killer has been not spotted but found and arrested.
SEE! you can make a difference by looking around you and making a simple call. if it was your mom, your sister, your lover - would you not want someone to make that call and say hey i think i saw XXXX.

on the big bad note - an old (none older than I!) dear friend sent a short note on FB that her ex- (crazy controlling nutty - my words - not hers ) husband is getting a gun - no excuse me - a pistol permit.

what is the bloody difference? well i looked it up and it means you need to tell people liberal stuff like "guns have not proved to reduce crime" first and then you give them the application details.

to be honest based on his past antics she and the kids need to get out of town and i am afraid for her life.

Maybe it is living in country WITHOUT GUNS but with health care that changes your perspective.

i grew up in a a bad neighborhood. but this was before guns were everywhere.
"Wanna holler" made me rethink gangs & guns and now i can see how much worse things are than i thought. a dangerous man can get a gun because he is an American.

So darlings - please explain --- with the violence that happens in the US (we know that American people are likly be killed by guns in their own home) why are you surprised about the killings in Hood?

okay - i am upset. but who can help a woman who's ex gets a gun in the US? seems like no one.
it is his right.

people kill and they kill with guns in the US. help my dear friend from being killed by a local official letting her crazy ex- giving him a gun. or maybe you are not for life?

maybe i need to go to the US and rethink it all ... what is being civilized?


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