Ueno NGO Matsuri

At this years Ueno NGO Matsuri , the PSC showed "Invisible Children"

I did not even know that our previous showing was covered by the Kyoto Journal, "PSC's screening of Invisible Children in Tokyo shows the spontaneous power of grassroots social change at the transnational level."

About the Matsuri
This was the 4th annual Matsuri and 2nd time the PSC joined.
200+ people came to whole day open house sponsored by the nonprofit NGOs housed in the Maruko Bldg aka the "NGO biru."

For photos and event details check out: http://ngomatsuri2007.blog112.fc2.com/

About the showing:
We showed the DVD twice - at 11am and 2pm the one hour viewing was followed by 30 min. of discussion. Only 25 people attended but 7 NGO reps also joined and asked me how to get a copy.

Viewers were deeply moved and many people seemed interested in spreading the word about the situation these children face.

We had projector cable problems so we had to use my Mac LapTop to watch it but that did not discourage anyone. I was struck by both the intensity of the people during the viewing and the desire to understand how the kids could be helped.

The Film was done in 2003 and of course things have changed but we still need to do something. I wish we would have more time to focus on this point but since it seems that no one knew much about Uganda and we spent most of the time talking about contents.

An important first step - get the facts, understand the causes and effects. assessment the needs of the community and stakeholders then develop a solution together.

About the film

"Invisible Children has a two-fold purpose: We try to change minds in the western world and we try to change lives in the developing world. We do this because we believe that changing our world begins with changing ourselves and our nation, and that this change in culture will drive policy that will ultimately affect lives across the world. While the impact on the youth of our programs in the western world is reason enough for the allocation of time and resources, these programs will also help accomplish sustainable change in Northern Uganda through their impact on culture and policy."

To find out more contact either of the people listed on the flier.


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