Fall events for everyone!

September 30: the People for Social Change (PSC) will run its 10th forum including a panel discussion featuring speakers from NGOs working in the field of disaster prevention and relief and workshops –on education and volunteer management - all in English (http://people-for-social-change.blogspot.com/).

October 6 and 7: annual Global Festa, in Hibiya Park a 2-day event showcasing nongovernmental, international and governmental organizations working in international cooperation and development http://www.gfjapan.com/2007/english/web/01_open/index.html

October 27 & 28: the International FESTA Yokohama, another weekend with booths from many types of organizations. (http://yokohama-festa.org/)

There are many events listings online in Japanese such as Yahoo Volunteer and NGO-Net - for English, try The Tokyo Community News: http://tokyo-community-news.blogspot.com/


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