Summer surveys and articles - Japan Times Sept. 11

I get tired of people complaining and talking about how tough things are - so I wanted to focus on what things can be done. In the month of August - because i had some free time - i thought i would survey about 50 people i know who work in a wide array of nonprofit NGOs. They all gave me so much valuable information and ideas I could not use all thier ideas and comments - but I tried. I will be using other the data for one more article later on in the year.

Before I left for my summer holiday to Italia, I submitted 4 articles to three publications - 3 are being published this month.

The first one came out today - Sept 11 - in the Japan Times

The JT will print another article this month - on Sept 18.

Being A Broad Magazine is also printing one article in the September edition. See my other posting.

Once "Elephant Man" is done I will started doing a survey on Corporate - nonprofit NGO collaboration.


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