TUJ open house - Sat Sept 8

Learn all about TUJ Continuing Education, our instructors, and courses.
Find out more about the NGO mgt certificate program.

NGO Management Courses Fall 2007
Course No. Day Time
International English for NGOs - Introductory (cross listed) NGO101 Tue 19:10-21:00
Local Action for Change - How Non Profit NGOs Tackle Social Issues in Japan NGO202 Sat 9:00-10:50
Management Aspects and Issues of NGOs NGO601 Mon 19:10-21:00
Introduction to Human Rights (8 Weeks)—September 22nd - November 17th IHR101 Sat 13:00-15:20
Community Organizing for Social Change (One-day Workshop)—December 15th COS101 Sat 10:00-17:00
Environmental Issues ENV101 Wed 19:10-21:00

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