Issues to address with regards to advocacy in Japan

In discussing these points, I can understand the problems we in Japan faced with with global anti-TB campaign

1. Gaps between groups 1 => particularly the view that there are "service oriented orgs" and "other or activist orgs"

2. Gaps between groups 2 => Local activity vs. broader/global action/issue focused

3. Lack of funds, staff with experience and training for Advocacy

4. NGOs view of Advocacy leads to the assumption ミ false or not ミ that it should/can or shouldnユt/canユt be part of their work

5. Activities vary by genre (I did not really understand why this was a relevant point.)

6. Many - including funders - see ADV idea as anti-Government not non G

7. Celebrity power not involved in Advocacy (why this was important may have to do with the recent involvement of high profile people in the make poverty history campaign. )

8. Terminology limiting ミ no equivalent term, lengthy explanation often necessary

9. Lack of strong coalitions, the lack of collaboration on action and campaigns thus far => lack of support base

10. Lack of structure for support


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