Simple Steps to getting involved

There are many opportunities and you do not have to start your own group. Despite the growth in interest by people young and old in volunteering people surveyed all noted that they need volunteers with the previously listed skill-sets.

Assess your interests, skills and experience. Ask yourself what you can offer an organization. Clarify your availability and commitment possibilities. Be honest about your ability to work in Japanese and in a Japanese environment. If you have no Japanese communication skills there are still groups out there - they are just fewer.

Get information: Foreign Executive Women’s Volunteering Directory ( and JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation( have information in English introducing organizations.

Take action: Go to events and meet people – don’t send emails. Go to volunteer orientation meetings, forums or networking events. Find out how they work, their vision and if this is the group for you. Join trainings and workshops to increase your skills and knowledge.

Make the commitment.
Once you know that the opportuities are, stick with the group right for you. Then just get started.


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