ICAAP meeting in Columbo

The 8th ICAAP was held Aug 19-23 in Columbo.

Within the theme "Waves of Change - Waves of Hope" the 8th ICAAP aims -
To enhance the local, regional and global response to HIV/AIDS by creating an opportunity:
• to achieve meaningful exchanges of expertise, experiences, advances, lessons learnt, challenges faced and successes achieved in HIV/AIDS programmes
• to form meaningful and sustainable partnerships between stakeholders at all levels
• to showcase achievements and successes and share best practices
• to empower and strengthen political, community and business leadership, adopting a consultative, collaborative and participatory approach
• to ensure that communities that are infected, affected and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and their families are free from stigmatization, marginalization and discrimination by addressing political, social, economic and cultural barriers and working towards societies in which they can enjoy the full range of human rights and protections as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and associated Protocols
• to promote equal access to prevention, support, treatment and care for all people

Several people from Japan were in attendence - find out more about the conference:

Find out the views from the Africa Japan Forum:

Read the reports from other groups:


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