JCIE news related to the Tohoku disaster.

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Upcoming Activities & Events

  • Exhibit: Iwate Prefecture Reconstruction Photo Exhibit, Japanese Consulate of New York (August 28–September 26, 2013, New York NY)
  • NY Reception with Iwate Governor Takuya Tasso: Thank you TOMODACHI–Tsunami Disaster Reconstruction Report (August 26, 2013, New York NY)—Iwate Governor Takuya Tasso visits the Japan Society to share updates on the continuing recovery efforts in Iwate, along with words of gratitude for US donors.
  • Exchange Program: TOMODACHI Summer 2013 SoftBank Leadership Program, TOMODACHI, SoftBank (July 22–August 12, 2013, Berkeley CA)—The program sends Japanese high school students from the disaster zones to the University of California, Berkeley, to explore ways to strengthen their local communities and to gain a further understanding of American society through homestays, volunteer activities, and interactions with US high school students.
  • Exchange Program: Miyagi-New Orleans Youth Jazz Exchange Program, Japan Foundation (August 1-7, New Orleans LA)—The Swing Dolphins, a junior jazz orchestra from Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture will perform in New Orleans to show gratitude for the support they received from the volunteers and the student jazz band from New Orleans after the disaster.


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