Bilingual Music Quiz Night to End Slavery!

[August 29] Bilingual Music Quiz Night!

EMAIL TO REGISTER BY August 26 (Mon)!!

Polaris Project Japan will be hosting Bilingual Music Quiz Night
at 20:00-22:30pm on Thursday, August 29th at THE FootNik Ebisu.
The guests will be divided into groups of 4-5 and will guess what song
it is just by hearing one part of it. The songs will cover not just
popular ones but all genres so please invite friends who are knowledgeable
about different kinds of music! The group that guesses the most correct
answers will be thewinner and will get exciting prizes! To those who lost, there will beanother big chance to win a big prize! Raffle tickets (1000yen/per 1) will be sold at the door and during the quiz so don’t give up quickly! Who wants to speak English? Who wants to go out for a sip of beer?
Who wants to have fun? Anyone is welcome to this event!
And of course, walk-in guests are always welcome. Let’s have fun together!

◇◆Bilingual Music Quiz Night◆◇
【When】 Thursday, August 29   20:00-22:30pm
【Where】 THE FootNik Ebisu (
【How much】 1000 yen
*Drinks and food are not included. Please order individually at the counter.
**Raffle is 1000 yen per 1 ticket.
【Register】Email with your name and email address
to register by Monday, August 26th.


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