FUN+raising party update

FUN+Raising 2008
Subtitle English ÅHÅHÅH
Subtitle Japanese チャリティ・パーティ

DATE: Sat June 14 June 2008
TIME: 3:00-7:30pm
LOCATION: Shinsei Bank HQ, Tokyo (20th floor)
Ticket price 6000yen (ticket purchase deadline: June 6)

Networking with entertainment, jazz theme
Nonprofits have booths and will give short presentations at 4:00pm and 6:30pm

Mission Statement:
The mission of FUN+Raising is to expand the professional networking
community of Tokyo, to fundraise for selected Japan-based nonprofit
organizations, and to provide a public platform for local nonprofit
organizations to showcase their work to an audience of socially
conscious individuals.

Event Goals:
1. Social and Professional Networking:
FUN+Raising seeks to expand our community of socially conscious
individuals by bringing together local professional networking groups
under one charitable event.

2. Fundraising Focus:
FUN+Raising seeks to fundraise for a selected number of local
Japan-based non-profit organizations that are chosen by an open
selection process facilitated and determined by committee.

3. Community Engagement:
FUN+Raising seeks to provide local nonprofit organizations the
opportunity to display their information and showcase their
extraordinary work to a captive audience of socially conscious

Collaborative event concept
Representatives from groups/clubs/company/professional organizations
work together
They get PR, socially responsible face, networking opportunity, banner
and/or logo on materials.

Collaborative Groups are asked to help by sending one planning team member and
promote event within their membership.

Groups or individuals interested in working on the event with us should write to skillsbuild at


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